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The great theorem Fermat suggests everyone to learn itself (who is who)

Omar Khayyam (1080 - 1122) who offered a calendar where month 30 days (however, it did not consider that people live also at night), wrote In due time:

Everything that in the world to us pleases looks, - nothing,

All our aspirations and disputes - nothing.

All tops of Earth, all open spaces - nothing,

Everything that we drag in the holes, - nothing.

In this world you wise have a reputation? Well and what`s next?

an example and council you give All? Well and what`s next?

Till hundred years you intends to live? I allow.

Perhaps, to millions you will live. Well and what`s next?

Turns out that Mankind did not change psychology since then. To show mortality of Mankind there is no need to create large scientific centers, numerous educational institutions and to build expensive mosques, churches and others. Even all inhabitants of Earth will become scientists - Nobel Prize laureates, prophets and that at such development of humanity will change nothing.

If we continue to live so further, then for centuries we will indulge in deception, to catch at shadows, to be disappointed that will bring cardiac spasms, melancholy of apathy and the hearts overflowed with bitterness relatives, friends, acquaintances solemnly - traurno to follow to the grave. This way deadlock. It is impossible to make the same mistakes and it is time to correct them.

People always wanted to live forever, but at least longer. Means, did not understand sense of an aphorism: The Great creator cannot be greedy and if to give, then does not take back . From here it turns out that the death is a dream or a temporary exception of vigorous activity of Time and Life.

Is necessary recognizes from the fact that the created bodies consist of a certain quantity of cages and they do not disappear. Since they passed from one state into others. If the created bodies of the big size, then it is possible to reduce them and vice versa. From here each body - is one of its cages. Then part to equally whole. Means, in one cage all information on the body is enclosed. Each of parts independently, but it is identical whole, i.e. each intelligence is so god or the goddess, as well as god or the goddess. Each appearance - an image is columns. Therefore we call Countesses those who were born in even, and in odd years - Columns. Year begins on March 1 - in day of the vernal equinox and the spring began to eat.

Among the present of the living people is similar to ideal. That everyone has enough to learn one cage (a hair, nails and other parts of a body) of itself. Then it is possible on the screen will take away himself before and after. We one cell of each created body make multiple copies

to the maximum quantity. Then we magnetize cages: at the same time we give 1/2 parts negative, and another 1/2 - positive charges. Then according to the drawing to clone. To enter the anti-virus program of high level with updates into the created bodies. We act this way when we create superfast computers and exact devices. Then intelligence need no drugs, operations and eternally healthy.

Then all last generations are restored cloned) on one cage and is established balance, i.e. the number of women and men is equal in the world. Further families are precisely planned, and find everyone the couple.

Often ask a question: Whether the earth will sustain 1 trillion people. A question it is possible to answer it simply. In - the first, recently astronomers found the planet, similar Earth, and nearby and it is possible and to lodge there. In - the second, each planet of the Universe is further the house of Mankind. The earth - so far the house of Mankind. In the house each intelligence irrespective of the nation, nationalities, religions - the single copy. Everyone has the only parents, the couple, that quantity inhabitants chetno. Each adult inhabitant knows all available bodies in the house of color, a name, the sizes, the weight and where. Each intelligence knows the duties, and carry out them as to a bee family, money does not receive for work. Everyone train the children of the house.

of the House are provided with information, irrigational, constitutional, transport, food, power systems. Systems use only energy of the Sun, wind and other sources, except gas, the wood, oil, peat and coal.

Each inhabitant grows up vegetables, fruit. The area of each kitchen garden has to equal the areas of the dwelling his owners - square.

Earth Projection to the plane is a big square and at the same time a cube - rubik about 24 - time zones. Then X + Y =48, X Y = 24x24 = 576. Each square has the size of 1000 km. From here X+Y=2000, XY = 1000000. It can be presented as a cube side - a rubik about 1000 where each 1000000 square has number: from 000000 to 999999. On the bases of properties of magic and Latin squares of numbering it is possible to begin with any square. Means, the Earth`s surface - one smooth square. In it there are no oceans, mountains, the rivers, the seas, lakes, deserts and others.

needs to be counted Now that how many steam of intelligence has to live in each 1 square kilometer, and to bring them in memory of computers, so that it is possible to clone at any time.

If each intelligence to arrange in 1 square meter - aura, then in 1 square kilometer will be there are 1000000 people, and a half from them of the woman, and other half of the man. If to give to each person the 100th square meter - 1 hectare the land plot, then in 1 square kilometer there will live 10000 people.

If in one house is safe, then in the Universe it is joyful!]