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How to use means of diagnostics of DirectX?

For what means of diagnostics of DirectX is intended to

Means of diagnostics of DirectX displays data on components and drivers of the interface of programming of the Microsoft DirectX appendices (API) in this system. It allows to receive detailed data on the installed components and DirectX drivers, allows to check functioning, to find malfunctions and to make control of system for achievement of the greatest speed.

How to start Means of diagnostics of DirectX (Windows XP)

Press Start-up -> to Execute ;

- in the Start of the Program window enter of dxdiag into the Open text field , press of OK ;

- will be started by Means of diagnostics of DirectX .

In the System tab gave general information about system.

The DirectX Files
are given in a tab data on the DirectX components installed in system.

On the Display tab can check DirectDraw and Direct3D, and also to include (or to disconnect at emergence of malfunctions) acceleration of DirectDraw, Direct3D, acceleration of textures of AGP.

On the Sound tab can check DirectSound, and also to establish the level of hardware acceleration (without acceleration - basic acceleration - standard - full).

On the Music tab can check DirectMusic.

On the Input tab can check existence / lack of malfunctions of the input equipment.

On a tab the Network can check DirectPlay and the DirectPlay Voice Parameters. On a tab If nothing helped

it is possible:

- to start diagnostics of DirectX from the help Windows system, having pressed the Debugging button ;

- to start diagnostics of sound devices from the help Windows system, having pressed the Sound button ;

- to start an output medium of data on system, having pressed the Start of MSInfo button ;

- to replace the frequency of updating of the DirectDraw screen (only for experienced users), having pressed the Frequency button

Means of diagnostics of DirectX allows to test system and to establish the following reasons of malfunctions or incorrect work of multimedia - appendices:

- the wrong versions of the DirectX components (if those are specified on a tab the DirectX Files, it is necessary to update DirectX, see the Windows XP: how to update DirectX?) ;

- lack of hardware acceleration (some programs are carried out very slowly or are not carried out for lack of hardware acceleration of DirectDraw or Direct3D at all);

- incorrect installation of devices (if the joystick or other input equipment does not answer, perhaps, it was incorrectly established. Be convinced that the device is presented on the Input page DirectX Diagnostic aids. Otherwise add the device by means of Control panel );

- unsigned drivers (unsigned drivers are not checked by corporation Microsoft for full compatibility with the latest version of DirectX).

How to check DirectPlay

On the page the Network press the Check DirectPlay button . In the Check of DirectPlay dialog box enter a user name and choose the supplier. Choose the Create a New Session parameter and press the OK button . If connection via the modem is chosen, press the Answer button in the Connection dialog box via the modem to transfer the modem to the auto answer mode.

after that start Means of diagnostics of DirectX on other personal computer capable to establish the chosen connection with the first computer. Press the Check DirectPlay button , enter other user name, choose the same supplier, install the switch to be connected to the existing session and press the OK button .

For some types of connections can be required input of additional data, such as telephone number. For connection of TCP/IP through a local network it is possible to leave the field empty.

On the second computer choose in the List of Sessions dialog box a name of the session created on the first computer and press the OK button .

on both computers has to be open after that a dialog box of conversation. Enter the message into the entry field on one computer and press the Send button . The entered message has to appear in the field of scrolling of a dialog box of conversation on both computers.


1. Some data, for example, memory size on the video card or the clock frequency of the processor, can be defined by means of diagnostics approximately.

2. It is possible to keep all data in the text file, having pressed the Keep All Data button The Keep dialog box as in which it is necessary to choose the place of saving the file (a file name by default of of DxDiag , file type - the text file * will open. txt ) and to press the Keep button .

3. For start DirectX 10 Diagnostic aids in Windows Vista:

- press Start-up -> in the line Begin Search enter of dxdiag -> press of Enter .

4. The window DirectX 10 Diagnostic aids has only 5 tabs: System , Screen , Sound 1 , Sound 2 , Input .]