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How to find and choose the training course on the necessary subject? A step 1 - y.

Let`s say you decided to begin new life since Monday and to learn business, absolutely new to yourself. For saving of time I need the qualitative training materials - for certain, you think, and habitually you address the favourite search engine.

The search engine with pleasure offers you thousands of the websites where e-books, audio - trainings, video - courses and other materials on the subject interesting you are on sale. You click on references, read interesting article, fluently look through ten some websites, meet the tempting description of expensive course, responses on the inexpensive book, then still something on the necessary subject. Then you are tired of abundance of information a little and resolve - better to buy the ready training course or the book, than to look through and eliminate the mass of the necessary and unnecessary free information.

And here - that also begins the most interesting. As a subject for you new, it is difficult to you to estimate what to choose the book or a course to receive precisely what and is necessary at present for you. Of course, it is possible to address on forums, to ask who what thinks of concrete goods and services. But, everyone to his own taste . Meanwhile, the issue is resolved very simply.

All in couple of days you will become for yourself the valuable assistant. You will know the main competitors selling that it is interesting to you. You will be able easily, quickly and professionally to estimate everything that they offer. You will know, how from all offers to choose what suits you most of all.

And everything that for this purpose is necessary - it is for couple of days to become the intelligence agent. Your investigation, in - the first, should not take away a lot of time; in - the second, has to lead you precisely to the purpose. Correctly?

Means, chaotic movements on the Internet do not suit you. Here the accurate step-by-step system which other skilled intelligence agents use is necessary. As the beginning intelligence agent (who is already making some success in this hard business), I can help you a little. And further you will orient that to what.

A step 1 - y.

you go to the main prospecting center - yandex. ru

you enter one, most important word relating to your subject There, and you press the " button; To Pick up . For example, it can be the word Knitting if you want quickly to learn to knit small masterpieces.

As a result you will see two columns. Right do not touch yet, and here left we will be engaged now. For a start copy all words from the left column (together with figures) in Excel. If the found words are not located on one page of search, pass to the following page and copy everything - all words and from there. It`s cool.

Now pay attention to the right column. There can be still some words on your subject. Do not touch those words and phrases which the asterisk faces (here so - * knitting of bootees), they already were in the left column. And we are interested in words, close to a subject, and phrases before which there is no asterisk. There will be a few such words, rewrite them on a leaflet.

And now begin 1 - y a step at first, but already with each word which is written down on a leaflet.

If on 1 - m a step everything is done truly, in Excel at you two columns - with phrases and with figures turned out. Select with a mouse all phrases and figures. Let`s say at you in Eksel phrases are in the " column; And and figures - in the " column; In . Open from above the " menu; Data also click on the " point; Sorting .

Now specify To Sort a column B, by increase; then - a column A, on decrease also press the " button; Ok . Your remarkable list will be sorted by degree of importance of phrases.

Now copy this list on other sheet Excel and fast see it. At the same time highlight with color of the word which most close belong to area of your interests. For example, if you dream to learn to knit napkins, the phrase knitting it is necessary to allocate, and the phrase knitting of " socks; it is not necessary to allocate, it is clear.

Remove all lines with phrases which are not highlighted in the color. Now you have a precious list of the intelligence agent. And what with it to do, we will talk next time.