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Whether it is worth starving, playing sports? The theory course for beginners a fitness source of

So, it, at last, came - that long-awaited Monday from which you swore to begin to yourself new life. Farewell, hated kilograms, from now on to you war is declared! You hold in hand the monthly subscription to the gym, on a shelf for footwear there are brand new sneakers, in a bag sportswear is accurately put, you are full of energy and with optimism look forward. Nothing is capable to sadden your mood - even passed in pokhudelchesky the purposes the breakfast consisting of one apple and a cup of unsweetened coffee a lunch and sgryzenny for dinner (not later than 18:00, of course!) dietary small loaf. You are happy with yourself, you celebrate a will power victory over a gluttony and mentally already try on those pass - skirts and jeans with the underestimated waist at which tried and not to look earlier.

You strongly intend not to miss any training, to be engaged honestly and selflessly. Full of determination, you enter the gym, under the leadership of the trainer carry out simple warm-up: sat down - rose, bent - stretched, jumped with a jump rope (oho - go! and in the childhood - that it was given much more simply...) and, at last, passed to serious exercises: a press, a press of a platform, occupation with not heavy for a start bar (or at all with an empty signature stamp), various data - cultivations. It is rather heavy, rustles in ears and the head, but nothing is turned! Everything at us will turn out! Long live new life! Yes zdra...

... The anxious trainer stacks you on a bench and casts " mineral water; and the doctor brought by someone from brawny children measures to you pressure and asks whether there were at you faints earlier. After that you are carefully seated in a taxi and sent home. Day ended disgracefully, optimistic hopes grow dim, the future is represented to you gloomy, and fight for a good figure - senseless.

Do not despair. You it is simple - naprosto made one of the most widespread errors of beginners a fitness source. As paradoxically it sounds, but effectively to grow thin by means of trainings, it is necessary to eat - healthy food and in enough.

Therefore instead of being engaged in self-flagellation and to jam a grief a chocolate, give - we will understand that occurs in our organism during sports activities.

As all of us remember from a school course of biology, the human body is capable to scoop energy from two sources. The first of them - a glycogen, the fast-split substance which in rather small amounts collects in muscles can be quickly spent and grown so quickly stout by any carbohydrate having a snack. The glycogen goes to a fire chamber of our metabolism in case of intensive, but short-term loading - to run 100 - the meters, to catch up with the tram or to rise by the ninth floor with heavy bags. On average, glycogen stocks in our muscles last for 25 - 35 minutes of continuous physical activity. If these stocks are not found (and for their absence quite enough 1 hungry day which is carried out on unsweetened coffee and dietary small loafs), there comes the hypoglycemia - carbohydrate starvation. Its symptoms - weakness, cold sweat, a shiver in hands and legs, the lowered pressure, are not excluded faints. Reminds nothing? That is the same.

What occurs then when the glycogen is safely settled? Options two - or you eat something sweet, and your organism continues on - lazy to work at light fuel, or it is forced to pass to the second power source - fatty depot. Yes, to those folds on a stomach and to excess centimeters on hips for which elimination we also torture ourselves in the gym. When splitting fat the bigger amount of energy is emitted, but also process of splitting demands big energy consumption. For this reason our metabolism perfected by billions of years of evolution will go for combustion of fat only when other exit it does not have - the glycogen is spent, its stocks are not grown stout, and physical activities continue.

However, there is still the third option: in an enthusiasm rush you as much as possible raise loading. Your heart without restraint fights, in a throat dried up, has a stitch in the side, sweat flows in three streams, but you wind the regulator of a racetrack and amuse yourself with thought that now - that your extra kilos depart at reckless speed. Alas, no. High-intensity loadings are possible only on energy of glycogens, fats just are not in time to be melted to provide such mad energy consumption. Therefore your poor organism for a start will try to squeeze out of muscles the remains fast " fuel; and then... However, we do not intend to bring ourselves to heart attack, truly?

So, we will sum up the result. If our purpose - it is just necessary to get rid of excess reserves of fat, during training to us:

1. It is worthy to sustain glikogenovy phase - to eat normally during the day and no more, than for an hour before training to fill up a reserve of carbohydrates in an organism (muesli, porridge with dried fruits, a sweet bar, couple of bananas - choose that is pleasant more); beginning training, not to reduce intensity of loading for 25 - 35 minutes. Perfectly jogging, aerobics, just vigorous warm-up will approach.

2. Not to frighten away transition to combustion of fat excessive loadings. The elementary test - during sports activities yours pulse and breath have to be speeded up so that you were able to say aloud 2 - 3 phrases. If you choke and can hardly utter a couple of words - you work not for weight loss, and on slaughter . Urgently reduce speed.

3. To stock up with patience and not to finish training earlier, than in an hour, and it is better - one and a half. This time is considered optimum, on the one hand, to burn a maximum of fats, and with another - not to overtrain an organism.

4. To play sports regularly and to diversify loading, forcing to work as different groups of muscles. Thus you will be able to avoid adaptation of an organism to the same loadings and it the lowered response on them.

And, by itself to keep cheerfulness, optimism and belief in success!]