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What do we know about plants - signs of a flower horoscope? Lily.

How were stupefied by Mack`s beauty, his charms are not omnipotent. All-powerful Chronos for anybody does not do exceptions. Poppy concedes influential charming Lilia`s place. Its time in a flower horoscope - the second decade of March, with 11 - go on 20 - e number.

Lilia`s charm can be imperceptible at first sight. Distinguished nature is able to be mysterious, hiding the thoughts behind maskaradny gloss and soft flirtation. Changeable Lilia does not seek to keep in permanent contact, dares to fool an opposite sex. However, these shortcomings do not prevent it to be happy.

Lilies (Latin Lilium) - a sort of long-term bulbous herbs. Since ancient times flowers are considered as a symbol of beauty and perfection. Assume that the name comes from the Ancient Greek word leyrion - white or from Celtic lilium - purely white.

Perhaps, the opinion on mystery of a sign of a horoscope has the roots in behavior flower. After crops the small lukovichka is formed of a seed in the first year. Lukovichka does not seek to show the abilities and for a number of years develops, without bringing a tsvetonosny stalk. Years can pass much: 3 - 5 - 7 who knows that on mind at a skrytnitsa. Only having reached the necessary sizes, the plant ceases to be concealed and starts up a stalk. Since then fine flowers will be pleasing to the eye annually.

The flower is surrounded a set of legends and myths. Ancient Greeks considered that lilies are the drops of milk of mother of the Olympic gods of Hera falling to the ground. The same that scattered in the sky, turned into stars of the Milky Way.

Ancient Egyptians considered that gentle flowers express short duration of life, freedom and hope. The mummy of the young Egyptian with a white lily on a breast is stored in Louvre.

In Ancient Rome the lily was considered as the first flower. Alas, but only after an incomparable rose. Young Romans in honor of a flower competed in run on the Flora holiday where the winner was decorated by all means with a wreath of white lilies.

Romans brought culture of a flower to Europe where he got accustomed not only in gardens and greenhouses, but also on the Roman coins and the French florins of Louis IX. And Louis XIV in general let out gold and silver coins in the form of a bud of a pure flower.

On the coats of arms and banners of the French kings of a lily got in the 5th century. Whether the founder of the Franksky state king Hlodvig of I won a victory over Germans on river banks where flowers grew. Since then a symbol of France - three lilies representing three virtues: compassion, justice and mercy.

With distribution of Christianity the white lily continued to represent purity and became the maiden Maria`s flower. According to the legend, Angel Gabriel was her, holding the white lily which grew from tears of Eve expelled from paradise in hand.

But in the gloomy Middle Ages the relation of Catholic church to a lily was sharply changed. Inquisitors used flowers in burning rituals sinners a sign of a lily branded criminals and prostitutes. The most beautiful flower was turned into a symbol of obscurantism and violation of people.

In Russia white lilies began to cultivate at Peter I. If the white lily - a symbol of innocence and purity, then red represents shyness because on its petals shame paint as if spread. In pre-Pertine times decorated with lilies brides, the flower served as a world symbol.

In Siberia there is a legend that the red lily - a sarana grew from heart of the Cossack ataman Yermak who died in 1585. Since then the flower gives courage and firmness to soldiers. Who at least once will touch the sarena, that for the rest of life will be strong and courageous - old residents are convinced.

In a flower horoscope successor Lilies - the Foxglove. Despite externally ordinary-looking symbol, a sign gives to people valuable qualities. About them - in ten days.]