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Vysotskoviana on - Armenian. Whether it is possible?!

to Vladimir VYSOTSKY - 70! From which nearly thirty years it is not with us. The Death of the best plans... - the poet and the bard, but, of course, not concerning themselves, and wrote about Vasily Shukshin. He quite could celebrate this significant date with us, but alas...

Vysotsky was a singer of a personal liberty and human dignity - that advantage which demands refusal of lie in all its manifestations, it is possible therefore Vladimir Semenovich`s genius was not rather estimated during lifetime, also during lifetime was not published any collection of verses, now - the numerous, made by different people from the world literatures and far from it, colourful and greyish, in covers and soft cheap covers... Great variety! But all the same in it sea it will be difficult not to notice the book " which is perfectly issued, packed into high-quality cover; Monument recently released the Yerevan publishing house Zangak - 97 . The book included more than hundred verses of Vladimir Semenovich translated on Armenian by the philologist and the poet Hovhaness Saroyan, moreover - each translation is followed by the original that allows to estimate translation quality.

This book representing one of the first attempts of the translation of Vysotsky into Armenian sets as the purpose to prove that Vladimir Vysotsky is beautiful not only in the Russian sounding, but also Armenian.

The presentation of the book took place in the House of Chamber music on January 25. During action the most famous songs of Vysotsky, including in Armenian were sung. Armen Avetyan devoted to the hero of the anniversary the song of own composition. Besides musical execution and recitation shots from life of the poet, live recordings and archival photos were shown. The TV and radio host Alexander Sayedyan told about the main milestones of life of Vysotsky and interrelation with Armenia. One of guests of evening chairman of the Writers` Union of Armenia Levon Ananyan called Vysotsky a legend which is actual still . The former Minister of Culture Akop Movses in turn noticed that Vysotsky`s verses can speak with heart of each person .

Vysotsky has a huge number of admirers not only in Russia also today, but also is far beyond its limits, and not least in Armenia as the presentation of the collection showed. Many major pages of life of Vysotsky are inseparably linked with Armenians.

The first acquaintance of Vysotsky to Armenians took place in the early childhood. Volodya`s parents were forced to leave and came to opinion that the son has to grow in the father`s family - the officer of the Soviet Army Semyon Vysotsky. Mother Zhenya he called the stepmother Evgenia Likhalatova (in maiden to Martirosov). Already much later, being in 1970 in Yerevan, the poet will lift a shot glass for friends and for parents: I in this sense was fine lucky. The second wife of the father - for me the second mother, and she is Armenian. Baku Armenian .

Directly he got acquainted with Armenians of Baku in the summer of 1948 when he the ten-year-old boy had a rest together with parents at relatives mother Zhenya . To the middle of last century the Armenian population still dominated in this city though in memory memories of recent slaughter were fresh. Evgenia Likhalatova by miracle avoided death during riots of 1918 when only on the night of September 16 more than 20 thousand Armenians were cut out.

Mark Tsybulsky (USA) in this regard writes: The Trip to Azerbaijan became one of the first in Volodya Vysotsky`s life. There was it in the summer 1948 when it with the father and his wife, E. Likhalatova, arrived on a visit to the stepmother`s family to Baku. More Vysotsky, as far as I know, for vacation did not come to Baku. Perhaps, E. Likhalatova, " did not like to be there; mother Zhenya as Vysotsky called it. The native of this city, she was taken out by mother to Astrakhan at the time of the Armenian riots of 1918 - 1919. The father who remained in Baku soon died of a typhus. Naturally, the two-year-old girl could not remember it, but knew according to mother, elder sisters and brothers. In the same Baku in 1942 her first husband R. Likhalatov whose surname it continued to carry to the death tragicly died. All this, of course, assumptions, but in my opinion, not deprived of the bases .

From 1947 to 1949 Vysotsky lived in Ebersvalda, in Germany where the father served. Evgenia Likhalatova under the leadership of whom he practised music was engaged in Volodya`s education generally.

About Volodya`s relation to to mother Zhenya Irina Mosesyan remembers: I then lived in Baku. To the capital often came to collect material to future thesis. Almost always stopped in Evgenia Likhalatova`s house, relatives of my husband. Hospitality and kindness of this woman knew no limit. It is no wonder that, having met it at the front, the colonel Semyon Vladimirovich Vysotsky forever made the choice. It was beautiful couple. To it, to the nine-meter room of a communal flat in Karetny Lane, he moved, having located after war in Moscow.

Volodya became for the stepmother Zhenya to the family at once (she had no own children). He lived with them abroad and in Karetny Lane. I happened to be more than once the witness to how warmly, with big tenderness Volodya treated Zhenya. Such case is remembered. It was already on st. of Kirov (now Myasnitska), 35a where the colonel S. V. Vysotsky received the two-room apartment in the new house in the yard of a staff of army. Volodya came, we were in kitchen, having greeted me, he embraced Zhenya from a back, kissed on a cheek. When left, Zhenya with the words Here there is a madcap! took out a flakonchik of a French perfume from a pocket of the dressing gown, it is imperceptible them put there.

She communicated with Volodya`s mother - Nina Maksimovna with whom I got acquainted in her house. Zhenya`s life broke tragicly, it was killed by the huge icicle which fell from the rooftop when it left own entrance.

Last time I saw Zhenya when she was engaged in little Natasha - the first granddaughter of Volodya, then it is surprising on him similar. It already was after his death which she took hard. I do not remember, that time or next day we with it went to the Vagankovo Cemetery. Now there, near Volodya, also his father with Zhenya " lie;.

Where your seventeen years?

the Armenian environment accompanied with

Vysotsky not only in the childhood and not only in a family. Boyish years of future poet are inseparably linked with a name of legendary Levon Kocharyan, son of the famous actor and story-teller, people`s artist of the USSR and the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic Suren Akimovich Kocharyan. Levon`s influence on Volodya was indisputable.

To present influence scales legendary Leva on young Vysotsky It should be noted that exactly at home at Kocharyan future big poet will get acquainted with such uncommon persons as Vasily Shukshin and Andrey Tarkovsky, Edmond Keosayan and Artur Makarov, Grigory Pozhenyan and the same Yulian Semenov. Leva`s Influence on Volodya and not only on it, on all of us and for many and many was huge, it cannot be overestimated - Artur Makarov remembered.

On kocharyanovsky Dnieper - 10 also the first records of young Vysotsky were made. Whether it is worth saying that Volodya then was seventeen years old and that kocharyanovsky apartment it and is the well-known house on Big Carriage. Levon Kocharyan was the organizer and soul well-known the companies on Big Carriage which meant in Vladimir Vysotsky`s life very much (Where your seventeen years? On Big Carriage. Where your seventeen troubles? On Big Carriage. Where your black gun? On Big Carriage. And where you are absent today? On Big Carriage...) .

Leva Kocharian some time worked in Moscow criminal investigation department, ended the High operator courses later and went to cinema. Soon became on Mosfilm the irreplaceable second director - the first among the second and began with the assistant to the director at S. Gerasimov in Quiet Don . Later always patronized the younger friend: Levon works at the picture Dismissal on the coast - Vysotsky acts in this picture, Levon works on Live and dead - Vysotsky acts Svetlana Svetlichnoy`s memoirs Are interesting to

(by the way, been born in Leninakan): In 1965 Vysotsky acted at Edik Keosayan in To the Cook . It seems to me that he acted not in order that there was one more cinema role. Just Edik Keasoyan, with Leva Kocharyan visible agreed him to borrow that Volodya did not feel lonely, unnecessary, forgotten .

Levon Kocharyan died from cancer in 1970. Mischa Yastreb (the legendary Moscow thief, in breaks between vacations often happened on Big Carriage) endured Leva. On September 16, 1970, when buried Kocharyan, he tried to break on memorial service, swinging on the certificate through passage of the next release, and it was not let. There was Yulian Semenov and spent him according to the red certificate to a coffin. Civil funeral on Mosfilm

Vysotsky on Big Carriage - this subject, demands separate conversation. Vysotsky often told at concerts about the friend, about history of creation of the well-known songs from the Carriage cycle, and at the end added: There is no owner of this apartment, Leva is absent Kocharyan... He managed to shoot only one picture as the director - One chance from one thousand ... He caught it and quickly died. He was in time a little. He lived hot - flashed and went out - instantly . It is indicative that scriptwriters of the movie " shot in 1968 on the Odessa film studio; One chance from one thousand there were Andrey Tarkovsky, Levon Kocharyan and Artur Makarov.

Valery Nisanov remembered: Once Volodya came to me home - it was at the end of May, 1980. And at me photos hang on a wall, on one of them I am removed together with Leva Kocharyan. Volodya stopped before this photo and long - long stood and looked. I do not know what once between them occurred, but at Volodya the hysterics, the most real, with tears suddenly began... .

It is possible to note with all responsibility that during formation of the identity of Vysotsky Levon Kocharyan exerted the greatest impact on it. In general, Armenian cut its environments it was connected really with legendary names.

With Paradzhanov...

Exact date of acquaintance of Vysotsky to Paradzhanov is unknown to

. Possibly, it occurred in the second half 60 - x years, perhaps, during tours Taganka in Kiev in September, 1971. As the editor of the " magazine writes; Ukrainian culture A. Yaremchuk, very picturesque public came to the apartment 64 on Taras Shevchenko Boulevard... In those days to visit Kiev and was considered not to come to Paradzhanov almost indecent .

Certainly Taganka Paradzhanova visited, but Vysotsky was in Kiev quite often and to those tours. It appears, Paradzhanov wanted to use Vysotsky in the movie in quality... character.

In August, 1972 Vysotsky and Vladi had a rest in Jurmala. In the same time there was also Paradzhanov. Once in Vysotsky`s number disconnected water, and he called Paradzhanov, asked to leave room keys at the porter. Having entered the room, they saw fruit, cigarettes, mineral water on a table. The surprise opened a bit later: the bouquet of roses - from above, was attached to a shower so that water flew on the Marine from an armful of flowers...

So far nobody can tell for certain whether listening devices in Vysotsky`s apartment were installed. Record of talk of Paradzhanov was kept, in any case, before arrest. A. Yaremchuk in the documentary story Paradzhanov - mad the genius in the Ukrainian desert quotes the investigator E. Makashov who processed Paradzhanov`s case:

He is an interesting story-teller. But I would not be on friendly terms with it. You know why? He is an extreme egotsentrist. During the investigation to me the tape recording got. Paradzhanov on the apartment asked drunk Vysotsky himself: Well, tell, unless there are in this country geniuses, except us with you? . Vysotsky was in Kiev with concerts in November, 1973. Perhaps, then this record was also made.

Perhaps, last time Vysotsky and Paradzhanov met in September - October, 1979 when Taganka Theatre went on tour in Tbilisi. True to, Paradzhanov invited to himself, to Kot Meskhi Street, all theater. Wine flowed like water, songs streamed, balconies burst with fruit... With Vysotsky it had a separate meeting - V. Smekhov wrote.

Paradzhanov very much loved Vysotsky. Therefore when in October, 1981 it incognito arrived to Moscow (incognito as after prison he was forbidden to go there) and Yu. Lyubimov invited him to public viewing of the performance Vladimir Vysotsky Paradzhanov not only came to a performance, but also made a speech at discussion. Look at

, here it without insurance goes

Of course, it does not make sense to represent all Armenians with whom Vladimir Vysotsky consisted in the kind relations. For this reason we focus attention in public which directly influenced it and played not a supporting role in formation of the personality and the creative biography of Vysotsky. Among these legendary names it is impossible to ignore the most great mime, the clown and the author of amazing short stories Leonid Engibarov. Influence of the last on the Soviet intellectuals was indisputable and perhaps first of all it concerned Vysotsky.

The quote from Marina Vladi`s book Vladimir, or the Interrupted flight : Among your favourite actors there is one to which tenderness at you is boundless. His name is Engibarov. It is young, in it everything is fine. He is some kind of poet too, he forces to laugh and cry public - both children, and adults. This surprising athlete works wonders on the arena and if you manage to make for several seconds a crocodile on one paw it can be left without visible effort more than a minute in such situation... Once you are called, and I see how at you the person blackens. You put down a reciever and begin to sob as the boy, greedily. I embrace you, you shout: - Engibarov died .

The great mime died exactly in eight years prior to Vysotsky`s death. To it in 1972 it will also be devoted well-known To Engibarov - the clown from the audience . Yury Nikulin admits that he from Vysotsky`s works devoted to Engibarov more than the others is pleasant to him Rope-walker .

It did not leave either a rank, or growth. Not for glory, not for a payment -

On, unusual manners.

It on life walked over a scaffold - On the rope, on a rope,

tense as a nerve.

And than is better to swear, Wan, we will go to holiday in Erevan

In April, 1970 Vysotsky for the first time visited Armenia, together with David Karapetyan. Yerevan tours were, in general, casual: went together to Sochi, and in several days appeared that is called aground . And then Volodya asked David to organize a concert in Yerevan.

He acted in some very big and good hall. The hall chock, and it is visible: for certain some closed establishment. And... any tape recorder at public. So, in this office with tape recorders it is impossible. Rejoicing to such case, Vysotsky decided to have at full scale: times are not written - it is possible to sing the forbidden songs! Also gave out to the full extent. The hall is excited, the table burst with a food, money gave in an envelope right there upon termination of and brand new notes! Vysotsky was even touched from such superhospitality. Even on hospitable Caucasian customs. And when went back, asked organizatconcert shouting: what the organization where it was so perfectly accepted is. And on the question received the unpretentious answer: It is KGB of Armenia . Vysotsky turned white. He understood why there were no tape recorders in the first row. What for?

O other performance Vysotsky himself told the film director E. Tatarsky, and that gave it as remembered, to a vysotskoved I. Rogovoma. According to Tatar, to Vysotsky suggested to act in Yerevan once, and, promised to pay cash very considerable sum. Vysotsky agreed, arrived to Yerevan where at a ladder he was already waited by the car. Fulfilled a concert, received as agreed, an envelope with money, and in addition both a box with fruit and cognac, and only after that decided to take an interest: By the way, children where I though acted, tell. What for the organization? - It is Committee for State Security, Vladimir Semyonovich . He told, - says E. Tatar, - I change in the person, and they: Nothing - nothing, everything is all right, come to us again. Thank you very much! .

Being in Armenia the poet visited also the Lake Sevan. In 2002 in Moscow there was a collection of memory of Vysotsky. It included heads from the second, added edition of the book of David Karapetyan Vysotsky. Between the word and glory and three stories of the famous screenwriter and director Ilya Rubenstein City romance Pryg - skok It was Sunday .

The fragment from the first part of the collection " is curious; Seven travel with Vladimir Vysotsky devoted to stay of the poet in Armenia in April, 1970: The Trip to Sevan was organized by Revik; with us there were two - three of his friends and Bagrat Oganesyan, - Karapetyan writes. - Arrived, walked round the coast a wedge of the peninsula crashing into Sevan A blue bowl of the lake in a frame it is smoky - violet rocks bewitched Volodya. It greedy incorporated nostrils its disturbing air. Having noticed two small ancient churches at hill top, he wanted to see them close. To temples conducted the abrupt steps which are beaten out in rocky breed. To help the guest, Revik took him under an elbow, but that, having politely discharged, muttered: I . Having reached the first tserkovka, the out of breath Volodya began to iron its crude mossy stones. Still I regret that nobody captured with himself the camera. Then we were invited in coastal restaurant Akhtamar to try the glorified Sevan trout... .

Vysotsky visited Yerevan also at the senior trainer of the soccer team Ararat Aleksandra Ponomareva, in his apartment on Sayat Street - Is new.

The peak of friendship of Vladimir Vysotsky and David Karapetyan had on 70 - 71 - e years.

When in Moscow left David Karapetyan`s book Vysotsky. Between the word and glory Marina Vladi forbade to publish it in France.

Marina, having read these memoirs, told my former Michele (to the ex-wife of Karapetyan Frenchwoman Michele Kahn - an edition) : The Book is quite good. But we with you in it look silly women! . The Soviet husbands have naive French wives of the communist - traitors, - David remembers. - Only I without restraint rowed to Michele, bringing her to insanity. Vysotsky was with Marina much more softly. And here Michel fondly tells Marina the name of the publishing house which signed with me the protocol on intentions. Vladi`s lawyers threatened with a legal claim about intervention in private life . I perfectly treat Marina and I consider her as the heroic woman. But her Vysotsky is not all Vysotsky. I understand, it offered much for the sake of it. The marine refused shootings and rushed in the USSR, having hardly learned about the next drunk dive of Vysotsky. She paid penalties and acted in soap advertizing. And it on hands had sons and the sick sister. Yes, Marina incredibly loved it. I met her at the airport during one of Vysotsky`s failures. Marina was very in a forceful mood: only divorce. But instead of scandal, having seen the husband lying on a sofa, gently touched his face slender fingers. Here triumph of female logic! I think, its attitude towards Vysotsky is a maternal love to the difficult child .

Being with Vladi in France Vladimir Vysotsky had an opportunity to examine closer not only with the Russian Paris but also with Armenian . It really impressed the poet: Armenians in bracelets and earrings with caviar were fed somewhere, and my friend in black boots - shot from the gun . The disappointment, of course, was the most reasonable: Aznavour is a recognized French chansonnier whereas he - unrecognized Soviet; though not less great...

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