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Why cepe is called white?

C than you associate cepe? With the culinary recipe? With the picture in the abc-book? Personally at me with the autumn wood. It as now, in September - October. Surprising autumn time!

&ndash cepe; this is the tsar of the autumn wood. Cepe from June to October across all territory of Russia in the various woods meets: birch forests, fir groves, in pineries, oak groves, in lime groves, in the death and beechen woods. The fleshy and convex hat can be various color depending on the place where it grew.

You can find an adult mushroom in the pine wood, a hat at it will be dark - brown with an olive shade, and in a fir grove - a hat it will be reddish brown, in birch forests - light-brown, okhristo - yellow, in oak - brownish with a gray shade. At all mushrooms a leg thick, strong though can be short and long. Cepe is on friendly terms with fifty breeds of trees therefore also versions its more than two tens. Big prevalence generated also a set of its names. It both boletus, and zhatnik, and feltwort, and bear-hunter. It often grows at groups. In group there can sometimes be about thirty, forty mushrooms.

Any cepe is not similar to another, each of them is very beautiful - real work of art. Whatever cepe you found, you always learn it on undoubtedly to a regal bearing . All the proud look, a strong steady leg, it clearly shows who here the owner.

  cepe; - one of the best and our nutritious delicious mushrooms. It is called white because has white pulp which does not lose color even after drying. It is suitable for suppression, frying, soups, stuffings and even in the raw. All dishes prepared from cepes are incredibly tasty and fragrant. Aroma of mushrooms amplifies after drying. Cepes dishes not only are tasty and nutritious. Now it is proved that in them there are substances antineoplastic and improving warm activity. All forms of cepe belong to the first category, at the use in food do not demand preliminary processing.

Choose time and surely wander on autumn park or the wood. Look at yellow locks in branches of birches, on the scattered scatterings of acorns. Inhale a smell of the withering leaves, autumn freshness. Listen to a rustle and rustle - this unforgettable music of the autumn wood. Experience yours faithfully its measured, quiet and rich life. Try to merge with it in this life, and he will surely clear your heart and soul, and will present remarkable cepe which you will find in the most unexpected place.