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Than Mikhail Bulgakov`s mother was remembered to contemporaries?

stopped on February 1, 1922 heart of the woman without whom we would never learn the history Mastera and Margarita . At least because without it Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov would not be born. It is about his mother - to Varvara Mikhaylovna Bulgakova, in girlhood Pokrovsk.

Varvara Mikhaelovna was born on September 17, 1869 in the priest`s family as however, and her first husband, Afanasy Ivanovich. Spouses had very big families of parents to today`s measures: Bulgakov have 10 children, at Pokrovsky - 9. In such various, various cells of society there was also a character of the father and Bulgakov` mother. They were able to build the world of the children in such a way that the conflicts practically did not happen. Each cricket knew the perch.

They got married on July 1, 1890, but met much earlier. He studied in the Eagle in a theological seminary, it finished a gymnasium here. Facilitated them friendship and that circumstance, as Afanasy, and Varvara were from of the same social standing, children of priests. But the most surprising is the fact that both grandfathers of Mikhail Bulgakov died in one year that it is possible to consider as mystical coincidence. By the way, for, one of the most sign, literary heroes Mikhail Afanasyevich chose a surname Turbin, and it also was a maiden name of his grandmother on mother

in Ukraine is tried to be proved Today that future author Mastera and Margarita it was called so in honor of the heavenly patron of Kiev - the archangel Mikhail. It is no more than beautiful legend. Varvara named the firstborn in honor of the father - the archpriest of Kazan Cathedral Mr. Karachev. Afanasy Ivanovich did not object - his younger brother who appeared in a family after him, bore just the same name, as well as the archangel.

For some reason it seems to us that girls in a family of priests have to be very reserved in emotions, fixated on prayers and observance of posts. It did not concern to Varvara Mikhaylovna at all, she was very live, mobile and, as if told today, the laugher. And it raised the children so that they did not go on the house with pious expressions, and found to themselves business to liking and were engaged independently.

Children their God did not offend. The senior, Mikhail, was born in 1891, further went - Belief (1892), Nadezhda (1893), Varvara (1895), Nikolay (1898), Ivan (1900) and Elena (1902) . And to each child Varvara Mikhaelovna had the approach. It was unsurprising, 19 more - the summer girl she began to teach at first in the Bryansk pro-gymnasium, and then, in the Karachevsky female pro-gymnasium, it trained children in French and was a cool tutor.

As children remembered later, their mother was very uncommon and talented person. She liked to tell children of the fairy tale. And most often also composed them. And tried that fairy tales were not only instructive, but also cheerful. She perfectly understood that through laughter it is easier for good to learn, than through experiences.

Speak, like father like son. At the age of seven years the eldest son wrote the first story. And such serious work as novel Notre Dame de Paris he read already in nine. And right there transferred him almost to the coeval Vera. That also she joined high art.

With special care Varvara Mikhaelovna watched that children had no idle minute, and therefore it always and everything found work. And it is not casual in one of the children`s poems Mikhail wrote:

Morning. Mother in a bedroom dozes.

the Sun red will ascend,

Mother will rise and immediately

work distributes All

Of course, sons tried to help with everything to mother, especially when the family moved to the dacha to Butch`s settlement, in 17 km from Kiev. The father, then already extraordinary professor of the Kiev spiritual academy, worked much as houses, and in academy, and all efforts on arrangement patrimonial nest laid down on mother`s shoulders. But she never grumbled and tried to teach children on the example of own husband, always noting his diligence, assiduity, ability to be defined accurately in the main thing.

She paid special attention, first of all, to girls. And once thought up cheerful game: which of sisters will quicker darn socks of brothers. As one of daughters, a hole on tiptoe remembered were about a fist so it was necessary to tinker much. But the main thing - even such boring work as a shtopanye of socks mother was able to turn into fascinating competition

To a great grief of all family, Afanasy Ivanovich died on March 14, 1907, from a nefroskleroz (the elevated pressure in kidneys provoked their sclerosis) at the age of incomplete 48 years. Of the same illness in March, 1940 on 49 - the m to year of life will die also his son Mikhail. Again mysticism?

Varvara Mikhaelovna remained one, holding seven children, only five years were the youngest of daughters. In the beginning she became puzzled of such irreplaceable loss. Then understood that it`s no use to cry over spilled milk. And already after a while it also cheerfully played with children, trying to show them that progress of children in study will become the best reminiscence of the father of

A after a while to Kiev there arrived one of brothers of the late Afanasy Ivanovich who lived in Japan. He appealed to Varvara Mikhaylovna - to take on education and training of two of his sons Kostya and Kolya to which he wants to give a good education and in Japan there are no full gymnasiums. You think, the widow with seven children refused from extra mouths to feed ? Even did not think! Kostya and Kolya began to be brought up with her children as equal.

A year later the situation repeated. Only this time from the Polish Lublin there arrived the daughter of other brother of the father, with a request to live with their family as she wanted to study in the Kiev gymnasium. And she was sheltered too. So soon Varvara Mikhaylovna had 10 children!

But also at the same time she did not cease to watch herself, was very sociable and cheerful. One of friends of the family pediatrician I. P. Voskresensky later suggested Varvara Mikhaylovna to marry several years it. She thought - thought (the senior children already became adults, and younger the man in the house will not prevent), and agreed.

But it was later. And before Varvara Mikhaelovna often repeated: my main task - to educate you . And it gave it, to all the own and adopted children. Here only one her dream did not come true. Approximately in 10 years after death of mother Mikhail Bulgakov will write: Since the childhood I could not suffer verses (not I speak about Pushkin, Pushkin - not verses!) and, if composed, then exclusively satirical, causing disgust of the aunt and a grief of mother who dreamed of one that her sons became engineers of means of communication. I do not know whether the dead knows that younger became the soloist - the balalaika player in France, average to scientists - the bacteriologist, all in the same France, and the senior anybody did not wish to become... .

But Varvara Mikhaelovna did not learn about it ]