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Bie and Mol of

of Intro. Yesterday I saw the moth flying on the apartment. If to consider what attempt to divide with us life without ours - desires, undertaken by anyone - whether kind people whether the frozen bugs and any volatility - it is similar to a global catastrophe, was awful. I loudly shouted: Mol! Mol! and, swinging something indecent, rushed along a corridor for an unfortunate animal.

After a while when peaceful life was restored, the daughter approached me and very quietly asked:

- Mothers, you banished it?

- Whom it ? - I asked and remembered for some reason the last conversation by the mobile phone.

- Well, it, Asking?.

The mol haunted me all yesterday. Even filling up, I thanked the small brown-eyed muse for Asking. And today it so inconsiderately occupied my imagination that it was necessary to deal with it properly. So, here it, my Mol.

The mol loved life. He lived long ago, and therefore very much appreciated it. He appreciated an opportunity to open eyes and to see the world and if this world did not smell of a lavender or naphthalene - he was beautiful. The mol was always lonely, and appreciated the loneliness. Besides, it was harmless - he did not eat clothes of people. He admired it. Leading a city life, got up early and went to bed late, and all the time while inhabitants of this or that dwelling were at work, the Moth listened to silence and stroked pads fur, woolen, cotton - mm! what charm - things. Sometimes just sat down on hunkers before a close formation of sweaters and jackets, and long - long admired them.

Here the Mol was such. However, owing to age and difficult character, it had one nasty line - it was just held apart from the not demand. He very much liked to show himself to people, seeing as these enormous monsters without wings begin to fly into a rage from one its look. Ouch - yay as it is bad. It was pleasant I Ask! All right, that whether at least one Mol and without sin exists? Correctly: no.

Dared such here outlet - to povozmushchat people - seldom. Very much it was noisy occupation. Besides, to those houses where chased it, usually it was impossible to come back - there very badly smelled. So the Moth protected dwellings where there was a lot of cotton and wool, as we protect the favourite museums - we do not go to them too often.

And once That for the wonderful apartment! Let also smells disgustingly of a lavender with some, vanilla, perhaps, but how many children`s cotton, the Mongolian wool, knitted things Oh, a green velvet on silk! For certain some madamochka dress. Moths to be born it with such tastes!

- Mo - about - about - ol! - the heart-rending cry of that madamochka was distributed. And from where it only undertook, not a mote - would be heard as splashes the huge knives

Eh, well for life! - the Mol thought sadly, flitting along a corridor, choking with surprise and chagrin. Well I forgot that today Saturday. What you such quick, and then, madam, than you swing at me before a nose? I as - in any way the man, though, um Indecently linen to shake even before uninvited guests!

In which - that eyelids the Moth was upset. Very much the interesting clothes were in this house - all entirely handwork and bright flowers. A children`s sviterok with jingles Potrenkat wanted - did not give! And the aunt, generally, not opposite, is a pity to afflict too. It, has children even two pieces. For the present with wings (I ask more visible), and there further as usual Eh!

The mol hid in kitchen, on shelves with some, fie, spices and teapots. Sat, recovered and watched kitchen TV. There told something about bright future which already came and it became good to all to live. The woman more than a minute ago chasing Mol at first told the announcer in the TV something indecent in a whisper, and then loudly called the child to have dinner. The mol moved far away in a corner. Just in case.

- And - and - et! - from a nose of the Chinese chaynichk the strange being jumped off. Though with transparent, but wings. The! Though a physiognomy strange

the Moth looked out from - for a teapot and whispered:

- Brother, you where, there people!

Brother looked back, frowned, and then began to smile:

- Hi, grandfather. You as on kitchen - that brought? However, wait a moment, I for work hurry. I will return - we will chat

- And you who?

- I? Harmful elf Bie.

- And why so self-critically?

- to Explain long. Once. Now you will see everything, the grandfather!.

And the tiny elf nice in appearance obviously not visible to people fluttered from the shelf on a kitchen chandelier in fly agarics

- And it what for soup, mothers?

- Soup from a chicken with spinach.

- Bie - e - e I do not want.

- Should be eaten. You will be strong and healthy.

- And it that?

- Cutlet.

- Bie - e - e I do not want cutlet. Give me sweet to tea and mushrooms chocolate - I will be strong and healthy!

The woman began to explain to the girl that people need a lunch, and something else same usual for people, and the old Mol sighed. It was dissatisfied that the nice girl is capricious and afflicts mother whom he already managed to forgive for jumps with linen in the long hands.

- And - and - et! - nearby the elf Bie flopped, silently put wings. - Well, saw?

- What saw?

- my Work! I fly over children and I do so that they were capricious and afflicted parents!

- And what for?

- the good question. I do not know. A thankless job - from anybody thanks you will not wait! - it was not pleasant to me

. And in general, you know, I began to reflect recently

- not demand does not please Any more?

- Aha. How guessed?

- I am clever. And besides the wizard, - the elf told, not without pride stroking silvery wings. - You know, I was bothered by my work too, - it suddenly slapped Asking on a knee. - Give as - nibud we will change?

- If you can make with us something magic but only interesting and not harmful, then give! Spring soon, changes hunting.

The elf reflected. He thought long - people left the house, and became very silent, except for hours, slowly and persistently going on the house to and fro: a tic - so, tudak - syudak

- You are a Moth?

is Mol.

- And I am Bie.

- And you are Bie.

- I thought up. We will become the Flat. Always we will be where music, we will not disturb anybody, well unless who will be lazy us to study

- And who such flats? - perplexedly asked Mol.

- And it is such good musical signs. There was a note - became on completeness back. Half-tone - minus. Thought?

- Aha. Good business. Back - it I love

Having listened attentively to Bie, the Moth of villages with it near, they joined hands, blinked. The elf something whispered, and

Since then in the house where unclaimed Bie and Mol decided not to be, in the house where music very often sounds, more flats began to sound. - half-tone is lower than harmonious flats, slightly back. As though reminder on not demand.

Coda. And still happen a double - flats. It would be decrease on the whole tone. But they are not in our house as to us only one Mol arrived, and only one Bie hid behind the Chinese chaynichok. Was not any more, the word of honor.

And if it is serious, I understood a strange thing not so long ago: fairy tales live not where everything is easy, festively and joyfully. They among us, in the most usual day and hour, they among usual objects and the simplest sounds (was about to tell - flats). Just they need to manage to be noticed. It is necessary not to be late. Probably, in it there is also the most important magic. So thanks to you, my remarkable Mol.]