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What is Petter`s principle?

it was for the first time formulated and published in 1971 by the Canadian teacher Lawrence James Petter. In the simplest and naive look looks as follows: each person has a certain congenital threshold of the general competence (not to confuse to intelligence quotient), which most of people owing to career development is inclined to step and by that to become absolutely incompetent.

It was invented during supervision over traditional pedagogical system and gave rise to new science iyerarkhiologiya - to a basis for acute estimates of the reasons of the most typical human mistakes and all those production and household scrapes which pursue us constantly. From the same area - Parkinson`s laws (generally about bureaucracy) and Murphy (as actually there are affairs).

Here a number of examples of action of the principle of Petter in various areas of our life.

Pedagogics. It is no secret that from many excellent students no more than obedient office slaves turn out. And here any there mediocre pupils - hooligans quite often become also all the famous oligarchs, without speaking about a top - managers and just successful businessmen. A mentality, you understand, different from the very beginning. Or here the good, loved by all teacher gradually becomes the mediocre director of studies, and then, upas My God (!) - dull or even disgusting principal.

Love. Not always from a good romantic couple turns out a normal family, and from this family - real (I mean obzavedenny children). As a result - either divorce, or languor of personal and others` spirit. In the most harmonious and most intelligent families inveterate villains and the burned bitches sometimes grow up. Statistical data speak for themselves.

Medicine. the Excellent, competent doctor receives office in management. And here begins. Same - and the relations with personnel, and according to plan - economic activity, and control together with the reporting, and many other things. Demands not only skills, but also time expenditure. The simplest that in such cases can occur - it remains at the same time the attending physician, but quality of help given them begins to suffer significantly in comparison with former level in operating time at an ordinary position. Not for nothing then there are true sayings that big surgeons do big coal mines and in some organizations of professors and other titled persons like chief physicians try not to admit accurately at least to difficult cases.

Army. It is no secret that not from each executive soldier the sensible sergeant, and from the officer - the general will turn out (thinking scales different). Or the people who were brilliantly proving in the war in peaceful life feel at least uncomfortablly. I do not speak about Vietnamese and Afghan syndromes with hard drinkings and aggression (at armies of their winners usually does not happen), and and about other things. It is known that marshal of a victory G. K. Zhukov after war was not so successful despite of titles, political career of U. Churchill after war developed not so smoothly.

Business and production. the Individual entrepreneur expands production and becomes the capitalist with attraction of hired labor. Not all adapt successfully. Or the great foreman becomes plant manager. And here it has signs described by Petter syndrome of a final stop : the stoloobozhaniye, a telefonofiliya, invincible thirst for schedules and charts, language turns into officialese, and real-life communication leads to problems with health.

I in life have an example when the successful graduate of faculty of law, having worked several years the quite good investigator, on call of career and thirst of material incentives passed into legal profession. It had enough mind to understand doubtful fidelity of change of a way and to realize the threshold of competence. Then it graduated from technical training college and began to work as the stove-setter. The professional from him brilliant, in material sense is deprived of nothing and kept human qualities and increased. Legal advice is at it like a hobby.

In each irony there is an irony share, it was emphasized also by the author of the principle. And still, coming to restaurant and calling up the waiter, sitting down in a taxi and agreeing about the price, calling the plumber - reflect what diplomas can become dusty at their place in cases ]