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How it is correct to eat or How many you chew, it is so much and you will live

Many got used to do everything on the run - all it is necessary to be in time, everywhere to visit. Among such people and I. Even to eat normally, i.e. anywhere without hurrying, sometimes you are not in time: swallowed and ran. But whether it is correct? Certainly, no. Having learned about some complications to which such meal leads (painful teeth, an ulcer and others), I began to find everything - time to potrapeznichat. Besides, it is necessary also it is correct to chew. How correctly to chew and the speech will go here.

About advantage of a careful chewing of food I will mention on points below. Now just a little useful information.

The first. Carefully chewing food, you, the reader, you increase its total area, i.e. interaction of your lunch and saliva improves that favors to faster and best assimilation of food.

The second, following from point of the first. Contain in saliva: enzymes, hormones, biologically active substances, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, H, A, D, E, K vitamins, it is well-cared, and also mineral components: calcium, magnesium, sodium. Digestion if you remember, begins not in a stomach, and in a mouth. Albumen the amylase which is contained in saliva already in a mouth partially digests complex carbohydrates (for example, potatoes, grain, bread, sugar) in simple, easily soaked up then in intestines and a stomach.

If the food is well chewed and humidified with saliva, it moves ahead on a digestive tract quicker. One these can get rid of gastritis or an ulcer.

Saliva on a chemical composition - weak alkali. At long chewing a large amount of saliva is allocated. And saliva improves a dental health. When chewing saliva it is allocated in 10 times more, than in a quiet state. Through saliva fluorine, calcium, sodium come to enamel of teeth and strengthen it. In addition, components of saliva form a protective film (pellikula) on enamel of teeth. If to tell all truth, then the effect of chewing gum (protection against caries) is based just on production of saliva.

The careful chewing promotes weight loss. I will explain. At an appropriate chewing the quantity of the eaten food decreases. If you do not distract at food, your organism itself will precisely define when it is necessary to stop eating. You distract - you overeat. Chewing for teeth and gums - too most that for body muscles training in a gym.

Interesting fact: when chewing very strong pressure - from 20 to 120 kg depending on a type of food is put upon teeth. This pressure is put by strengthening of a blood-groove in gums and teeth that is good prevention of a periodontal disease.

Advantage of a careful chewing of food: 1) digestion improves; 2) better the food remains from an organism are removed; 3) the bad smell from a mouth and the increased gas generation is eliminated; 4) good teeth remain; 5) there is an additional energy and endurance; 6) alkalinity of blood, so, and immunity amplifies; 7) weight is normalized.

In to food fruit and vegetables, nuts, greens, bean, cereal have to prevail. Before meal it is necessary to sit down directly, on straining. Completely concentrate on meal (remember a saying about it is deaf and mute ) . Chew each piece of food while it not to turn into liquid (clear that tiresomely and long, but it is necessary). It is necessary to Chew serially both the right, and left side of jaws that load of teeth was distributed evenly. Do not wash down food. Washed down, it passes further on a digestive tract almost not chewed, not processed by saliva. It is better to take water and drinks in one or one and a half hours after meal.

Interesting fact: the average person produces so much saliva that it would be enough for filling two big pools. See you again!