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How to place hydrogen sulfide of the Black Sea at service to people?

It is known that water thickness of the Black Sea consist of non-uniform layers which almost do not mix up. The top layer - live : usual water in which marine organisms live. The lower layer - dead : it contains hydrogen sulfide in the dissolved look, and its concentration is so big that is lower than 120 - 200 meters in the Black Sea of life few.

In many researches it is told about potential threat of the Black Sea hydrogen sulfide. This gas is dangerous: it is poisonous. Supporters of the abionichesky concept of its origin (consider that gas arrives from Earth subsoil) sound alarm: its large-scale exits in the atmosphere would be followed by huge release of poisonous gas and seriously would threaten coastal zones. Adherents of the bionic concept (say that gas - a product of centuries-old decomposition of organic chemistry) are quieter in the forecasts: under such circumstances it is obviously not enough amount of the Black Sea hydrogen sulfide for cataclysm.

The Ukrainian scientists put forward idea of development of hydrogen sulfide of the Black Sea which fully uses features of its bedding, and even turns these features into advantages. It will be a question of getting of hydrogen from it with the subsequent its use in power.

So, first step: hydrogen sulfide should be lifted upward. If people are afraid of uncontrollable emission of gas-water mix with the subsequent explosion, it is necessary to make emission controllable. According to idea, for this purpose it is enough to lower from a sea platform a zhyostkostenny pipe on rather deep water (apprx. 180 m) and to pump out the top sheet of water.

What will be farther? Here the analogy to the uncorked champagne bottle is pertinent. Until it is closed, mix of gas and liquid stays in a quiet state. Opened - pressure changed, and vials of gas began, being released, to rise up and to entrain liquid. Champagne is splashed out from a bottle neck.

Here and the hydrogen sulfide dissolved in water at change of pressure (the top sheet of water from a pipe pumped out!) will lift gas-water mix up. As a result the permanent gas-water fountain turns out. The group of the Ukrainian scientists in 2005 made land experiment which confirmed operation of such fountain, hydrogen sulfide in the Black Sea will not come to an end yet. People will need to catch " aerated water; and to make with it manipulations on extraction of sulfur and, the main thing, hydrogen.

In conditions when the mankind realizes an extremity of oil stocks, development of alternative types of fuel gains special importance. Experience of use of hydrogen fuel already is, and both its shortcomings, and its advantages are noted.

Advantages of hydrogen as fuels before gasoline in brief are as follows:

Inexhaustibility. The total mass of atoms of hydrogen makes 1% of lump of Earth;

Environmental friendliness. At combustion hydrogen turns into water and comes back to circulation of Earth. Greenhouse effect amplifies, there are no emissions of harmful substances when burning;

than Vesovayateplotvornaya ability of hydrogen is 2,8 times higher in comparison with gasoline;

Energy of ignition is 15 times lower, than at gasoline, flame radiation at combustion is 10 times less.

could Reserve the received hydrogen by means of power heat-sink substance. This subject is rather developed in the theory. There are many different EAV. Such substance (for example, wood) is created (arises) under the influence of energy (solar), and then as a result of oxidation (burning) gives this energy (heat). Still an example of such substance - silicon. Only unlike wood it can be restored from oxide (so-called cycle Warsaw - Chudakova ).

So, according to scientists, there is a real opportunity to get and accumulate hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide of the Black Sea with the subsequent its application in power. However, the country power supply system is not ready to seize this opportunity at a present stage at all. Meanwhile the situation with traditional types of fuel becomes more and more menacing. Hydrogen could become alternative to gasoline.

And there are a little more figures. One ton of hydrogen sulfide contains 58 kg of hydrogen. At combustion of 58 kg of hydrogen it is allocated as much to energy how many and when burning 222 liters of gasoline. The Black Sea contains not less than one billion tons of hydrogen sulfide that is equivalent to 222 billion liters of gasoline.]