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What prisons of the world the most notorious?

U me at the word " prison; the chill runs on a body. Medieval novels where scenes of prison tortures, mockeries at prisoners are in details described are remembered. All this is the basis for many movies, works of art. Time shrouded events of those of years in legends, and we try to solve them through a veil of centuries.

At the modern person the prison actually ceased to be associated long ago with tortures and mockeries. The mark was left by society, laws, outlook. During evolution of human society the prison became one of the main attributes of a civilization. Over time it is the first sign that society of people becomes more and more humane, to isolate criminals much more humanly, than to execute them. And on the other hand, it is more practical because prisoners are involved often in public works.

The world gradually gets rid of the death penalty as from a capital punishment, and in many countries it is replaced with life imprisonment. However, speaking about it, as about a human detail of the modern world very few people know in what conditions prisoners live worldwide. I will cite as an example several prisons which exist now, but also far back in the past they would not concede to standards of cruelty .

I will begin, perhaps, with the largest prison of New - York - Rikers Island. In this supermodern city there is a prison in the history of which numerous cases of violence and cruelty are known. Revolts which are suppressed in the most severe ways by special troops are especially frequent there.

Further according to the list military prison in Tadmore, Syria. Goosebumps run when you hear that in this prison medieval means of tortures with use of axes, ropes, sticks are still applied. Are frequent there and sophisticated mockeries at prisoners, but it is worth remembering that among the victims as guilty persons, there and there is nothing not guilty people

Europe. Paris. La Sante prison. The oppressed atmosphere soars over all concluded days. They are in such state that are ready to fight the head about walls, to swallow of rat poison and there are forks if only to commit suicide. Chambers are crowded. A shower - once a week. Food - entirely low-quality products and waste. All this leads to all skin diseases, infection with louses. Things of prisoners are often tied up to a ceiling because rats a huge number.

But, perhaps, the most cruel under the terms of life the Brazilian prison Carandiru located near San - Paulo is considered. There is nobody a secret that in Brazil crime rate is very big. Prisons are crowded. In October of the last year in Carandiru there was a massacre of hundred two prisoners during revolt. In addition there are big problems with providing with medical care, one infected HIV is the share of every fifth inhabitant. Often refuse to prisoners in luxury to use anesthesia when carrying out surgeries all this

I in the world humanities where people fight for justice and equality. But how to re-educate the criminal and to extinguish in him cruelty level in such inhuman conditions?.]