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About what poses talk in sleep?

epidemic of psychoanalysis which Burst recently tightens in itself more and more admirers Freud, Jung, Carnegie and other dear companions. Newly made psychoanalysts perfect the abilities on friends and members of household, trying to discover secret meanings in their gestures, views, pokhodka and other gestures.

It is very amusing to i to watch

the person who imperceptibly watches habits of the companions, and itself at the same time lies according to all rules of Dale Carnegie (there is nothing more simply, than to catch such liar). Without lagging behind fashion, let`s try to analyse such nontrivial subject as our poses in a dream today.

Poses in a dream, unlike gestures, a mimicry and the speech, cannot absolutely be controlled therefore such type of the analysis at the correct approach to it will give the most exact information on the identity of this or that person. Of course, you can give at falling asleep to yourself the most majestic, in your opinion, a pose (a pose of a lotus or, for example, a rack of the hidden tiger), however as soon as you will get to Morpheus`s embraces, all raid of grandeur is transformed to something shapeless and obscure. Do not try to deceive yourself, as the person sleeps, it is directly connected with style of his life. At the same time main pose, that in which mainly and the person sleeps has to be exposed to the analysis.

Pose germ . the Person lies on one side with the knees tightened to a breast (naturally, bent) and occupies only berth corners (usually, top), the person turns away from a wall. Such pose testifies to closeness of the person, to need in protection and guardianship. These people are very dependent and need protection from stronger.

Stretched pose. the Person lies on a stomach, usually with hands, zakinuty the heads, the extended legs and which are slightly moved apart stupnyam are higher. Such people seldom are late and do not suffer delay from others, they are concerned about trifles, are obligatory, exact and accurate. If something interferes with implementation of their dominating requirements, then such people will make every effort for achievement of the purposes.

On a back, or royal pose. the Person lies on a back the person up, hands and legs are extended along a trunk, relaxed, slightly raskinuta. The pose demonstrates feeling of safety, self-confidence and strength of the personality.

And, at last, the most widespread pose - semi-germ . The person lies on one side with slightly bent legs. Such people possess good common sense are adequate and counterbalanced, they are not really vulnerable and do not look for protection in the face of the uncertain future.

We will pay attention to of a leg now . If the person tries to clasp with legs a bed, thrusts one or both legs under a mattress, then it means that it (person) is rather conservative and resists any changes in life. Sveshivaniye of legs from edge or since the end of a bed, on the contrary, demonstrates refusal of accepted standards. People, weak-willed, lacking initiative and incapable of self-organization, sleep with the crossed anklebones. If one leg is located accurately over another: hips, knees and anklebones of both legs adjoin with each other, the person is inclined to comfort and tries to meet expectations of people around, avoiding the conflicts.

of the Hand also play an important role in the characteristic of the person on a pose. So, for example, if the person in a dream holds something, then it speaks about dependent nature, such people are dependent and catching. Hands, zakinuty for the head in a pose on a back when the head is based between palms are characteristic of the persons using the mental abilities as a main type of protection, and elbows are divorced in the parties. The hands which are completely extended up in the same pose mean weak will, inaction and passivity of the personality.

And finally several optimistical data for men: about 40% of sexual frustration - both at men, and at women - are caused by wrong pose of a body during a dream. The pose " will be a favourite pose of your potential impotence (the kalamburchik left); lying on a stomach . In such pose you just risk to crush a body weight the powerful silushka: there is a violation of blood circulation of internals, and as a result - a childless old age. You should not abuse also and a high headboard , in this case interruptions in supply with blood will be experienced already by a brain that will be reflected in the most exterminating way in population of your sex hormones.

Good night also take care!