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What queen still goes in the gold carriage of the daughter of the emperor Paul I?

Today, on January 31, hundreds of thousands of Dutches will arrange a cheerful holiday, a small alarm. Owners of small small restaurants already in good time rub hands because flow of visitors is expected. A reason for pleasure quite worthy - the queen of Holland Beatrix II will note 70 - the anniversary.

In view of that the queen for certain will make the solemn departure. Numerous residents and guests of the Dutch capital will be able to see the ancient gold carriage personally. This dowry of the Russian great-great-grandmother of the queen, great princess Anna Pavlovna . By the way, the royal family gave the great-grandmother really imperial gift, having renamed one of small towns in Anna Pavlovna . My friends turned somehow to this town and were surprised that practically all its inhabitants are perfectly informed who such woman who gave the name to their small homeland.

But we will return to our heroine of the anniversary. The destiny to it had a kind feeling so that sent it in mother the queen Yuliana . Mother worshipped the oldest daughter and in due time caused at loyal the mixed feelings. It is a lot of - a lot of love and honoring and a little misunderstanding - and how still to treat the queen who dashingly drives about on streets of Amsterdam by regular bicycle! As would tell at us in Russia, not imperial this business, pedals to twist! . Respectively and the nickname for Yuliana stuck semi-plebeian: the cyclist - the pacifist .

But and to the daughter Beatrix her mother not really - that bothered. Of course, she watched that the girl had graceful manners, a good education and cultural entertainments. On receiving secondary education by the daughter, on a family council the decision was made that Beatrix will study further in Leiden university at law department - to direct laws, not to do without knowledge of laws. And though Beatrix`s soul did not lie to such boring matter at all, but against the will of mother it did not go. She not only graduated from the university, but also subsequently became the doctor of jurisprudence. As Dutches, quite honestly, but not speak because was the princess.

While Beatrix ground away at the studies, mother is a queen made grandiose scandal. Her spouse, prince Bernard, was the incurable ladies` man. While Yuliana managed public affairs, with might and main courted for the most nice maids of honor and even was grabbed by a hand during sexual joys more than once. Yuliana filed for divorce, and only intervention of parliament kept the status - kvo in private life of the queen.

But Beatrix gave the legislators a bigger surprise. Once at a party at the prince Moritz Gessenski in Kronberg she got acquainted with reserved and very quiet German diplomat Claus von Amsberg who was more senior 28 - the summer princess for the whole 11 years. The German struck Beatrix in the heart, they began to meet, and then decided to get married. And here - that scandal began. Leisure journalists under a microscope considered the former biography of Claus and with horror found out that he in the years of World War II was one of heads Hitler Youth and after the end of war served as the officer - the tankman in the Bundeswehr.

It caused a storm of emotions in Dutches. Mass demonstrations where the posters " began; Claus! From Holland were the softest. But Beatrix told firm is not present on a shy request of mother to refuse the love. And the parliament estimated firmness of future queen, however, debate lasted neither more nor less, nine (!) hours.

Of course, the relation loyal the Dutch crown to prince Claus gradually changed. Especially started to respect him after in three years the German husband of the princess became a father three times. Beatrix and Claus`s wedding took place on March 10, 1966, and in 1967 - the m was born Willem - Alexander , in 1968 - m Johan - Frisco , and, at last, in 1969 - m - Konstantin . For Dutches it was the real balm because more than 100 years Holland only women rule.

And after Beatrix`s introduction on a throne in 1980 Claus became a sympathy subject. His spouse who is carried away by public affairs gave the spouse less and less time. At least twice he was treated for a heavy depression, then to him clung Parkinson`s illness, then performed on him operation on removal of a malignant tumor of a prostate gland. But many for some reason still consider that to be the queen`s husband - honey is tablespoons!

This attitude towards the spouse struck with a ricochet also Beatrix. In 1983 it transferred heavy meningitis, but an ordinary Russian humourous catchphrase: Either dies Of meningitis of people, or becomes the idiot does not approach the Dutch queen - she managed to keep both strong mind, and iron will. In addition, Beatrix entered rigid dispensing on any information which filters from the royal palace. By the way, the royal family includes besides Beatrix, Claus, three of their sons, their wives and children, also also younger sister of the queen Margrit with the spouse, and their four sons with the members of household.

A couple of words about princes. Future king of Holland prince Willem - Alexander - the guy in a board. He is a big fan of beer and noisy parties, and it is well-known in lush quarters of Amsterdam. To Dutches to liking its democratism and plain manners. But sometimes it badly comes to an end. Once, for example, together with the brother Konstantin future king got to firefight between visiting bandits in one of night clubs. Brothers ran away under cover of bodyguards from there.

When Beatrix will decide for herself that she already gorged on the royalty also will retire as made in 1980 her mother, the queen Yuliana, nobody knows yet. But for certain today many passersby on streets of Amsterdam will extend necks in hope: whether the gold carriage of the queen will seem. The queen who is loved and esteem even in spite of the fact that she hides the private life guarded day and night ]