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How many it is necessary to drink waters?

the Body of the person, as we know, on two thirds consist of water. Are especially rich with water of fabric of a young organism. With age its quantity gradually decreases: so, for example, in a body of a three-months fruit - 95 percent of water, five-months - 85, the newborn child - 70 and the adult - about 65 percent. In this regard, scientists consider as one of the reasons of aging of an organism decline in the ability of colloidal substances of a body, especially proteins, to connect large amounts of water.

It is no secret that without food of people can live not one week, but without water perishes in several days. Long ago the recommendation of doctors is known that the person has to drink not less than two liters of liquid a day. However at the beginning of the 20th century when this information appeared, it was talked more of water. Now the same who prefer to satisfy thirst with water becomes less. Most often people drink carbonated drinks and juice. However quite recently scientists from University of Northern Carolina made surprising discovery. As experts declare, calories are easier acquired by an organism not from firm food, namely from drinks.

Meanwhile, according to nutritionists, all drinks are divided into 6 groups: from most to the least desirable. Most preferable, of course, water, then tea and coffee without sugar; milk; sweet drinks and juice; energy drinks and alcohol. And here fruit drinks can be most dangerous. According to the estimates of scientists, only covers with drink of sweet drinks of people daily high-calorie norm. All liquid drunk in a day is equal to more than 2 thousand calories. Besides, high-calorie drinks have also a side effect: they force us is more.

Whether it is necessary to drink water during food - on this question there is no uniform point of view. One consider it expedient to wash down with cold water nearly each dish, others prove what should not be done it as water dilutes gastric juice and considerably worsens digestion. It is recommended to drink water only before food, and that in case of thirst. In the blank stomach water is not late and does not break processes of digestion of food. In filled, on the contrary, she is late and, diluting its contents, slows down digestion.

The daily need of an organism for water is defined by environmental conditions, kind of work, quantity of the eaten food. The excess water consumption does undoubted harm as promotes excessive load of heart and acceleration of processes of disintegration of protein.

Some animals, for example, camels, at long stay in the desert use oxidation of reserve fat as an additional source of water. And doctors use ability to process fats into water at fight against obesity when they advise to limit amount of the drunk liquid therefore disintegration of fats proceeds more intensively and quicker body weight decreases.

Unfortunately, many drink in large quantities and often, without thinking that the excess use of water is harmful. If you cannot refuse a similar addiction, use the following recommendations:

1. Absorption of water and receipt it in blood and body tissues begin approximately in 10 - 15 minutes therefore consider that the drunk water cannot relieve you of thirst at once.

2. Remember that excess drink strengthens sweating. At strong sweating caress periodically a mouth and a throat water that will help to reduce thirst.

3. Try to abstain from frequent and plentiful drink, then after a while the feeling of thirst will appear less often.

4. Satisfy thirst gradually, drinking in 10 - 20 minutes only on some drinks. Though for a satisfying of thirst has value not only an amount of water, but also its flavoring properties. So, in Russia in hot weather long since drank grain kvass, and in Central Asia - cold dried fruit decoction or green tea.

5. And, at last, do not drink unboiled water. You watch that water was transparent, nice to the taste, flavourless and not too cold.

You remember, friends that in everything the measure is good, and observance of the rational water mode is an important condition of preservation of health. Protect it, be beautiful and happy!]