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As the military episode became highlight in the cheerful comedy?

on January 30, 1923, 85 years ago, in the city Free the Amur region, occurred a joyful event for Isidorovich and Maria Ivanovna Gaidai`s Iov. God gave them the younger son which contrary to tradition to name children only on the letter And (the eldest son Alexander, the average daughter - Augustus) decided not to name neither Adam, nor Adolf, nor, at the worst, Alexey. Or rather, the Wood goblin - that the father also wanted to call the son, but Maria Ivanovna opposed: Let there will be not Lesh, and Lenya! Here and Leonid Gaidai began to measure the first hours of life

But in Free the family spent a little time. As one of the best railroad workers, Iov raised having transferred to the capital of Transbaikalia - Chita. And then it is even more - having sent to Irkutsk where in the railway settlement of Glazkovo Gaidai tried to render habitable the small house with homestead economy.

Above all Lenya fell in love with cinema. And from Chaplin literally went crazy, ready to watch him for hours. Yes here the trouble, was only necessary to dream of money for all sessions. And then cunning Gaidai thought up focus - pokus: having come on the first session, he to its end crept under a seat, laid down on a floor and hid from controllers. They darted a glance at seats, saw nobody and when the film projector began to chirr Gaidai crept out of the shelter and in 99 - y time watched the movie with participation of the favourite Charlie.

Of course, he dreamed of cinema, and even hoped to enter any Moscow institute of cinema, but on the trouble Lenya graduated from school on June 18, 1941. And in five days it together with all the schoolmates - graduates came to a military registration and enlistment office to go to the front to hammer the enemy. But nobody was called (In Siberia for some reason it seemed that war will last weeks two - three, at worst - month and why to risk boys?) .

An appeal everything is took place, but in 1942, and Gaidai used all this time with the maximum advantage for himself. The matter is that to Irkutsk the Moscow theater of satire where Leonid became the most inveterate viewer was evacuated. And, like the football fan, went behind favourite collective everywhere, even by a tour.

But here, like a bolt from the blue, - the call-up paper. And army life full of tests. Of course, almost all recruits strained to be in action, but for some reason brought them to Mongolia and defined in sabers where the detour of horses became their main task.

And there was an episode which many years later Gaidai will include in one of the best-known comedies Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik . Once to part arrived to them merchants to select for field army of fighters. All were built in two ranks, officers faced a system and asked: Persons interested in artillery are? Two steps forward! Gaidai left the First. In a cavalry? Again - the first Gaidai. In investigation - Gaidai leaves again. It bothered the chief: Yes wait you, Gaidai, let`s announce all list! .

It got to investigation from - for knowledge of German. Repeatedly went on reconnaissance, took " language;. But once on a neutral strip, coming back to the, was undermined on a mine. Doctors wanted to cut off a leg, Gaidai did not give. They shrugged shoulders: Silly, you will die of gangrene! . But he did not give up. And a leg kept, however, all life limped

Ya I will consciously not stop on the lyrical line, on 40 - Leonid Gaidai and Nina Grebeshkova`s summer matrimonial life: the destiny reduced them in theater and soldered once and for all. The only thing at what Leonid Iovich took offense until the end of life, it at the fact that Grebeshkova flatly refused to take his surname.

In life there is nothing casual. When Gaidai after a failure of the first movies already practically decided that he more in life will never remove comedies, he solved to take breath in the parental house in Glazkovo. And once from there is nothing to do glanced over the turned yellow newspapers on a dusty attic. The decree of fate indicated to it Stepan Oleynik`s feuilleton Dog of Barbos . It was its fundamental movie. Fundamental not by the size (it only 9 - minute), and on consequences. In it the great Trinity - Nikulin, Morgunov and Vitsin was for the first time lit together. And after that also other movies with participation of these actors appeared: Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik Caucasian captive . Without this warm-ups it is unlikely would take place Diamond hand .

But the most reverent attitude at Gaidai was to the movie 12 chairs he since the childhood literally adored Ilf and Petrov. Also tried to make the movie very dynamic I resolutely do not accept

From all pictures of Gaidai Behind matches though Leonov played there just fine. Perhaps, in Finland this movie is perceived in a different way, the scenario was written based on work of the Finnish author. But hardly anyone will argue that practically all comedies of Gaidai enter in gold fund Soviet cinematography.

In what, in my opinion, the main reasons survivability Leonid Iovich`s pictures? That, beginning shootings, Gaidai in imagination already represented what will be the movie as it is better to build this or that episode that it strengthened perception where the viewer to load a tag the phrase and where to allow to take rest, having provided rest to ears, but having included at full capacity organs of vision.

The second circumstance - at all the silly appearance Gaidai was able to be very rigid and exacting. Somehow Yury Nikulin told that Leonid Iovich forced fifteen times to make a copy of a double in which he ate ice cream and said after absorption of a portion: What tasty this ice cream! . Neither from the first, nor from the second, nor it was not succeeded to remove this episode from the fifth double as the director wanted. Everything ended with the fact that the become hoarse Nikulin understood that if business reaches the 15th double, at most, that he can make, to croak it: What disgusting this " ice cream;. By the way, after shootings Yury Vladimirovich began to hate ice cream for some time.

And, at last, the third - Gaidai had such property which is inherent in masters, - ability to see future picture the viewer`s eyes. That is why it indulgently treated improvisations and willingly included them in the future movie. At all the rigidity it could be sometimes and very democratic, one may say, that the most active actors as if played a role of his assistants, and the picture only benefited from it

Leonid Iovich died in the evening on November 19, 1993. A thrombembolia of a pulmonary artery - blood clot came off. There was an obstruction. It was impossible to rescue it ]