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How it is correct to prepare sea fish?

to convince you Of advantage of sea fish, I think, there is no need. Especially as not so long ago we already found out in what advantages of sea fish. Now I suggest to talk about what needs to be done to receive rather tasty and useful sea fish dish.

Meat inhabitants of salty waters more rigid and less fat therefore thermal treatment has to be deeper, but not absolutely long. At long cooking or suppression sea fish completely loses the structure, turns into unappetizing and tasteless weight, and, above all - long influence of heat promotes loss of vitamins.

The second feature of sea fish consists in her a pungent iodide smell which just - and forces many people to refuse the use in food of similar dishes. To eliminate a smell, before preparation fish recommend to soak some time in the water acidified by lemon juice or milk. It will help to make meat more gentle and softer. Also it is worth to remember that fish (both sea, and river) parasites easily strike . The way described above and thermal treatment will help to get rid of them.

In - the third, buying sea fish, it is necessary to consider that after cleaning and an imboweling from it can remain only one third. Therefore to buy fish fillet often it appears more favourably, and more conveniently. By the way, at fishes who live in sea water never use in food of the head as in it harmful substances are laid.

Further It is necessary to remember that if you buy fish in the frozen look, then before her preparation it is necessary to defreeze . It is possible to make it in cold water, and for prevention of loss of mineral substances in water in which fish thaws, it is necessary to add table salt (at the rate of 5 g on 1 l of water). And here what it is impossible to do by at all , so it to use water warm and hot as after defrosting fish will become flabby, tasteless and will lose all useful substances. Fish fillet is defrozen in the usual way without water use. After thawing both fish, and fillet should be washed out cold water.

Undress sea fish differently (it depends on what you want to prepare from her), but the general sequence of actions nevertheless is available:

1. we Delete a back fin.

2. we Clear fish of scales (we begin with the end).

3. After cleaning we do a longitudinal section on a belly.

4. Accurately we clean a small fish not to injure a gall bladder.

5. we Wash out fish and we cut on pieces of the necessary size.

Bon appetit, good health and good health! ]