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How to distinguish, than you got poisoned? In the Fall, as a rule, physicians begin to tell

about the second seasonal wave of poisonings now connected with the use in food not of fresh vegetables and fruit, and tinned products. Doctors advise us accurately to know symptoms of concrete poisonings that in case of undesirable effect of the eaten canned food we could help ourselves or people around before arrival Ambulance .

Mushroom poisonings. Symptoms are shown in 5 - 7 hours (if in bank, God forbid, there were poisonous mushrooms, then much quicker): spasms, an acute pain in a stomach, nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea, dizziness, rare pulse. Immediate hospitalization is necessary. If you appeared at the dacha, before arrival of doctors it is possible to make washing of a stomach, an enema with camomile infusion addition (a tablespoon of flowers on 300 ml of water). After that give to the patient laxative, warm it, force to drink strong tea. On the head put a cold compress, on a stomach - a hot-water bottle.

of Poisoning with compote and jam. Signs appear in 7 - 8 hours: nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea, the complicated breath. Wash out a stomach the added some salt water or weak solution of potassium permanganate, it is necessary to give laxative, to make an enema. When vomiting stops, give a tablet of absorbent carbon (it is possible to replace with kefir or egg white). Plentiful drink is recommended. After that days it is better to hunger, and then to pass to soups and broths.

Botulism. " Risk groups; - the marinated and salty mushrooms which are rolled up in banks under tight covers, marrow, aubergine and other types of home-made caviar, and also the mixed canned food (for example, solyanka vegetable with mushrooms). The first symptoms of an illness - deterioration in sight (bifurcation in eyes, fog), expansion of pupils, feeling of dryness and a scratching in a throat, spasms of muscles of language. In attempt to drink waters liquid pours out through a nose.

The illness has an effect in about 12 hours (sometimes in a day - two) after the spoiled canned food is tried. At once cause " Ambulance;! If not to take the victim to hospital, there can occur the death from breath paralysis. Before arrival of physicians wash out a stomach warm 2 - percentage solution of soda, give to the patient laxative.

To avoid meetings with less dangerous, but not less unpleasant bacteria, doctors recommend to pay attention to the following products.

Boiled rice which long remained warm. In it is mute it is possible to find a bacillus Ekhinotsereus (Bacillus Cereus) which causes vomiting an hour later after food, later - a diarrhea. At already known procedures recovery comes quickly. And that poisoning did not happen, rice needs to be cooled and held in the refrigerator.

With the blood dripping from a crude bird on already ready food Kampilobakter (Campylobacterjejuni) can get, then belly-ache, nausea, a bloody diarrhea is provided to you. Symptoms appear during 2 - 6 and last till 10 days. Only physicians can solve your problems here.

Klostridiya (Clostridium Perfringens) actively breeds in the forcemeat, meat gravy or a stuffing standing on small fire or in the warm place. Spasms in the lower part of a stomach, the diarrhea and a headache, perhaps, temperature will pass already in a day. " Ambulance; will facilitate your state quicker.

Till 10 days it is possible to be tormented with similar symptoms at poisoning with colibacillus (Escherichia Coli) which not bad feels in rare meat cutlets and other products from mincemeat. This serious form of poisoning treat only in hospitals.

Listeriya (Listeria Monocytogenes) meets, mainly, in soft cheeses. Can breed at a refrigerator temperature. Causes the symptoms similar to flu. It is especially dangerous to babies and elderly people.

The salmonella (Salmonella) usually gets to an organism from crude eggs, a half-cooked bird, and also from the ready food left at several o`clock out of the refrigerator.

Staphylococcus (Staphylococcus) easily gets on food from the infected people. Poisoning sources - ham, a bird and baked products with cream. Symptoms of poisoning with these species of bacteria are identical: pains in the lower part of a stomach, nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea, a fever, weakness, dizziness. Do not try to be treated without medical care.

If there were symptoms of food poisoning, it is necessary to try to remember what food could be substandard, and not throw out its remains. It will help to define what bacterium became the reason of your illness, and, so and doctors will be able to give you help, without waiting for results of baklaboratoriya.