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How it becomes? Trimming today.

Christ has risen, my Revveka!

following soul

to the Law of God Today - the person,

C you I kiss, my angel.

A tomorrow to Moisey`s

belief For a kiss I, without quailing,

Is ready, the Jew to start - even that to hand

I to you,

Than it is possible to distinguish the faithful Jew

From Orthodox Christians.

A.S. Pushkin. by

In an epigraph took out the lines having a direct bearing on trimming. These can distinguish the faithful Jew from the Orthodox Christian. It would seem whom stirs this (trimming)? On the contrary, disturbed (can be, disturbs and today, but we do not know of it).

The Odessa prosecutor`s office decided suit a show trial at factory of a name Petrovsky. The small operator Naftula Gerchik and Brana Brutman, sixty two years, came to be on a dock.

Naftula was in Odessa the same city property as a monument to Duc de Richelieu. It passed by our windows on Dalnitskaya with the frayed, greased obstetric bag in hands. Its ordinary tools were stored in this bag. It pulled out from there a knife, a vodka bottle with honey gingerbread. He smelled gingerbread before drinking, and, having drunk, tightened prayers.

It was red, Naftula as the first red person on the earth. Cutting off what was due to it, it did not ottsezhivat blood through a glass tubule, and exhausted it vyvorochenny lips. Blood was smeared on the tousled his beard. It left to guests become tipsy. Its bear eyes shone fun.

Red as the first red person on the earth, he snuffled blessing over wine. One hand Naftula overturned vodka in an overgrown curve, a fire-spitting hole of the mouth, in other hand it had a plate. On it the knife stained with infantile blood and a piece of a gauze lay. Raising money, Naftula bypassed with this plate of guests, he was pushed between women, fell on them, grabbed breasts and shouted at all street. - Fat mothers, - the old man shouted, sparkling coral eyes, - print boys for Naftula, you thresh wheat on your stomachs, try for Naftula... Print boys, fat mothers...

I ask to forgive generous for so long quote from Babel, but to

So, the subject which is subject to condemnation - insanitary conditions at commission of a ceremony. There is it today or not? It seemed to me (can, it only seems?) that some technical details of such important issue will be interesting to all.

Occasionally I appeared these days sandaky (sandak - in approximate translation into Russian - the godfather, the godfather). I gave birth to the grandson who was circumcised.

His father therein told about how he found moelya (the person who is carrying out trimming) - it is possible to tell, the colleague of Naftula mentioned above. On the Internet. And still collected recommendations - as it is better whom to invite, etc.

Trimming were carried out by two persons: moel and his assistant. Before a ceremony to the kid gave the anesthetizing injection. In 10 minutes when the prick began to work, the boy spread out, processed, cut off, again processed. Any suctions of blood through a tubule or lips, all accessories - sterilized or one-time use.

Moel has to (as he told) to call every other day, to learn about a condition of the kid. He assumes overall responsibility for sterile and high-quality carrying out operation. (Naturally, there was a question of mistakes and their consequences on what the explanation followed that anesthesia guarantees against casual damages. And such can be if the child twitches, up to scrotum wounds).

Once again we will address Babel:

- What do you mutter, the citizen Gerchik? - the chairman asked it.

Naftula turned an extinct eye on the prosecutor Orlov.

- At the late monsieur Zusman, - he told, sighing, - your dead of daddy had such head that not to find other such in the whole world. And, thank God, it had no apopleksiya when he called me on your Brice [a trimming ceremony] thirty years ago.

And here we see that you grew up the big person at the Soviet power and that Naftula did not take anything of that kind that then it was useful to you together with this piece of trifles...

Isaak Babel, the Odessa stories, Karl - Yankel are visible to

On illustrations stages of familiarizing of the baby with the people of Israel.

The religious aspect put: on the course of preparation and after trimming the prayers blessing both the newborn, and his parents were said.

So, one more entered the contract with the Lord. And let his life will be happy!


the boy Was born, Moyshe was named, there is no

But somehow a consent of boundaries the family:

should be Cut off? Or not?

Were going to hold everything council.

The father (left Komsomol)

Told that he heard

of Missile defense trimming recently - it is the benefit.

I even at a mummy from a sarcophagus

Is cut off the most extreme flesh:

Like, this tool it is easier to prick!

Besides with microbes is somehow simpler -

Is reduced their dwellings the area.

Young mother, looking at a willy,

Suddenly told directly: It is Too much to risk!

Suddenly to it will be cut off much from the end?

Will be the pudge., as at the father!

The grandfather said: Yes! Very much the risk is big!

But why at once so to rush to shout?

will not cut off Much, it is not a question

With an extreme will be helped by hands, lips, a nose to

But it is necessary to cut off, I consider so! who is not cut off by

I, that big mudak!

Grandmother: I do not know what and to tell you

Perhaps for Nekhama it is necessary to send us?

The aunt Nekhama lived somewhere nearby

Came and took of all a kind look:

Well, expensive, what cares?

Why you gathered on sacred Saturday?

Ah, the aunt, you have to us prompt here:

What to us - to cut off or not to cut off?

Answered the aunt, potupyas is bashful:

In - the first, cut off - it is beautiful!

And in - the second, I have to tell you

But whether it is worth continuing the story further?!

February, 1992, Naberezhnye Chelny ]