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Houseplants: how to save them from wreckers and diseases?

Except that the flower will just dry up and will die, can happen and something is worse. One fine day it is found out that your plant suffers from any midges - flea beetles. Such plant will not just die, and will die tormently. And as will painfully look at someone`s tortures and to think that you can help nothing.

Fortunately, from all situations is an exit. And this is not an exception. It is necessary to get down urgently to business.

Sick plants should be separated from healthy at once, and strongly struck - to destroy.

Podura (nogokhvostka) - small wingless insects of white color. Appear at excess watering, doing harm to roots of plants. Fight measures: to reduce watering, to strew the Earth`s surface with tobacco dust.

A plant louse - the most widespread wrecker, a small insect of green or black color. Accumulating on tops of escapes, eats juice of plants. It is necessary to process infusions of garlic, onions, red pepper or a peel of a citrus, tobacco broth, soap solution. It is possible to destroy manually, slightly pressing out places of a congestion of wreckers. If near a sick plant to place a geranium fragrant, through two - three days the plant louse will disappear.

A web tick - the insect yellow or is yellow - orange color. Settles on the lower party of a leaf, exhausting from it juice and covering it with a web. Appears at the increased dryness of air. It is necessary to wash plants cold water; to apply the same ways, as against a plant louse. Shchitovki and lozhnoshchitovka - insects with the body covered with a guard: strike hoyyu, oleand and others. Wreckers are brought together manually then the plant is washed several times soap solution (1 part washed also 6 parts of water).

Mealy chernets is noticeable by a white velvet-like raid on a body. Damages cactuses, geraniums, begonias. Fight measures the same, as against a web kleshchik.

Mealy dew - the disease affecting green parts of a begonia, geranium. To wash out plants solution - 5 g of a vitriol or soda on 1 l of water.

Apply a number of house means to improvement of plants. Onions infusion : 20 g of a peel of onions to fill in 1 l of water, or a teaspoon of small cut onions - a glass of water. To insist within a day and to spray plants every 5 days. Garlic infusion : 1 / To fill in 2 teaspoons of the crushed garlic with a glass of water. To insist days and to wash plants several times every 5 - 6 days. Infusion of fresh bitter pepper : To boil 50 g of the crushed pepper in 1 l of water within an hour, to insist days, to filter. To store solution in the closed glass jars. Before processing of plants of 8-10 g of infusion to mix from 4 g of the laundry soap dissolved in 1 l of water. To shake up and wash plants.

Infusion of citrus crusts : To fill in with 1 kg of the crusts passed via the meat grinder 3 l of water. To insist days in the closed ware in the dark place; to shake up, filter, to pour quickly in bottles and to cork. To store in the dark, cool place. Before spraying of 50 g of infusion to mix from 20 g of the laundry soap dissolved in 5 l of water. To process plants each 10 days before elimination of wreckers.

Tobacco broth : To draw 200 g of tobacco days in 5 l of water, then to boil 2 hours. Before spraying to dilute the filtered broth in the ratio 1:1, to enter the crushed soap (200 g on 5 l of broth).

Solution of sulfur and soap : 7 - To dissolve 8 g of ground sulfur and 20 g of the crushed soap in 1 l of water. Solution of soda and soap : 5 - To dissolve 8 g of soda and 4 g of soap in 2 l of water.

All these preparations will help your flowers at a difficult moment. And you should not suffer from tortures of conscience and powerlessness before wreckers.]