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How to be if the apartment is badly heated? Who does not love

when the house warmly, there are no problems with electricity and gas, and from the crane both cold, and hot water regularly flows? The question is rhetorical. Much more sadly when behind a window a February blizzard, batteries hardly warm (and even cold), but the unfortunate residents who are not knowing the rights muffle up in hundred fur coats at home, abuse housing and communal services and silently continue to wait when the problem is resolved. But, as we know, friends, he who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. Even understanding laws and having infernal patience, too many forces and time that justice triumphed and what to tell if all exactly the opposite sometimes are required So to do if the apartment is badly heated: to be heated under a heater and to wait for summer, to tear off phones in numerous housing and communal services, ZhSK, condominium or persistently to solve a problem, obeying the letter of the law?

Maintenance a house includes services in the maintenance of a working order and the corresponding operating modes of technical devices and designs. The payment for housing includes payment of contents and maintenance of housing stock, including a payment for utilities. At the same time service in quality has to conform to requirements of standards, standards, sanitary standards and rules. Air temperature in premises has to make +18 degrees, and in angular rooms - 20 degrees of heat. If render to the consumer low-quality services, he has the right to demand gratuitous elimination of shortcomings, the corresponding reduction of the price of the performed work (the rendered service). And the performer (in this case zhilishchno - operational service) according to article 30 of the Law on consumer protection is obliged to fulfill the requirement about elimination of shortcomings in the reasonable time appointed by the consumer.

Action plan:

1. Issue the requirement in the form of the written statement, give it in zhilishchno - operational bodies. And date retain the second copy of such statement with the voucher.

2. If duties zhilishchno - operational bodies are not carried out, then file a lawsuit the claim for violation of the rights of the consumer.

3. Can use more courageous option: try not to pay it warmly . As a result of the arisen debt on payment the heatsupplying organization can appeal to court with the claim to you for payment of debt. In court session it will become clear that she does not fulfill the obligations for maintenance of necessary temperature in premises. At the same time consider that you will need to show the statements of temperature in apartments which are drawn up with the assistance of technical employees of the organizations serving apartments. Therefore, your counterclaims on execution of the obligations by them will result. In such judicial duel as practice shows, it is possible to achieve rather performance by the heatsupplying organization of the duties.

What of options to prefer if there was a similar problem, to solve, friends, of course, to you and only to you. Proceeding from own experience, I can tell that oral addresses in zhilishchno - operational services seldom when have end positive result. In reply it is possible to hear an infinite set of the reasons for which the malfunction arose or it cannot be eliminated, but from insignificant talks will become warmer in the apartment not. It is much more effective to choose time, to collect all will in a fist, to arm with all necessary documents and copies, to be adjusted on result and to go to the bitter end!

Defend, friends, the rights! Be vigilant! Let in your houses it will be always warm and cozy!]