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Houseplants: what leaving is necessary for them?

your florets do not laugh yet? Then it is necessary urgently to begin to look after the favourites intensively!

Watering and spraying - main types of care of pottery plants. So, for example, succulents (an aloe, a krassula) water when the top layer of earth in a pot dries up on 1 - 2 cm. At storage in the cool room tubers of a gloxinia, a begonia do not water from November to February. Bulbs of an Amaryllis water seldom, without allowing a peresushivaniye. Evergreen needles, ivies, and also many plants with soft leaves water in process of drying of a lump.

The best is rain or snow water, free from harmful mineral salts. Tap water needs to be settled that chlorine disappeared. It is not necessary to water with boiled water as air is removed from it. It is better to water in the evening. Water should be poured either into the pallet, or on edge of a pot, but not on a root neck that can lead to its rotting. Harmfully to water gradually every day. At the same time not all earth lump well becomes impregnated with water, and the remained sites with the dry earth lead to deterioration in a condition of plants.

At dryness of air it is useful to carry out spraying, washing and rubdown of plants; at the same time dust is removed, temperature decreases, humidity of air increases that strengthens processes of assimilation and leads to improvement of plants.

Plants wash under a shower in a bathroom. That the earth in a pot was not washed away, it tie with a polyethylene film. Monthly washing of houseplants tepid soap water - a precautionary measure against appearance of a plant louse, a shchitovka, pincers. After this procedure of a plant surely wash clear water. Hit of soap water on the earth can lead to damage of roots. Plants rub off a soft damp rag.

The trimmed plants and cactuses clear of dust a soft brush. For moistening of air install on radiators near pots with plants vessels with water. Ferns and begonias are especially sensitive to dryness of air.

The sunlight is necessary for for life and growth of plants under the influence of which there is a synthesis of a chlorophyll. In rooms it is necessary to try to provide vertical illumination of the top surface of leaves. Low photophilous plants expose on the foreground. high, shade-enduring - is farther from a light source.

In the winter all plants should be placed on the lightest places. In the spring of a plant, receiving more and more light, begin to grow actively; the period of active activity proceeds before high summer temperatures. This most salutary time for change, crops, a cherenkovaniye. At this time houseplants adapt to new living conditions easier. One houseplants demand a bright sun (succulents), others can be reconciled with a penumbra (begonias, hoya). For a geranium optimum temperature during the winter period of 8 - 12 degrees Celsius. Tropical plants (begonias) prefer warm rooms (18 - 25 C).

To prolong the blossoming period, the blossoming plants contain in the cool room. In the veseena - summer months, during active growth, a plant potreblyaetmny waters. In the fall and in the winter when plants slow down or stop for a while the growth, reduce watering. Cactuses, for example, do not water almost all winter. Surplus of water is also harmful, as well as its shortcoming.

Only at observance of all these requirements your flowers will smile to you every morning!]