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Houseplants: how it is correct to replace them and in what?

At window plants come such period when they lack the place, fertilizers. And then the plant begins to grow, turn yellow slowly, and over time and absolutely perishes. Someone, without reflecting, throws out a flower, complaining that this bush itself is guilty, whimsical some. But, if it is correct to pick up a pot, to monitor watering, in time to replace, then the flower will only tell you Thanks! .

Houseplants grow up usually in clay pots ; they are porist, pass air for breath of roots. It is necessary to keep new pots several hours in water that they became impregnated and did not take away moisture from plants. In pots from polyvinyl moisture evaporates less that should be considered when watering. Apply to cultivation of houseplants ceramic and plastic flat dishes , making in them flower compositions.

Well plants in spherical aquariums feel in which the microclimate, suitable for plants, is created.

Large-sized plants (an oleander and others) put in tubs of a cone-shaped form ; it is desirable to burn them with a blowtorch inside and to paint outside. At the bottom do several openings for a water drain.

Change is made when the size of a pot does not correspond to the sizes of root system. The plant is taken out from a pot, having stirred a ball of roots, delete old, rotten; the others slightly shorten (except thick fleshy). Put a crock on a bottom of a new pot, fill a hill the fresh earth and in the center put a plant, straightening roots. Other earth is filled up from above. Large plants put densely, kneading the earth fingers.

Plants with thin, gentle backs grow in more friable earth better. When landing plants the root neck should not be covered with earth, and be on its surface.

Except cactuses which do not water within several days all plants plentifully water. The following watering is carried out when the earth from above dries up. The replaced plants maintain week in the darkened place. The best time for change of plants spring - the beginning of summer. Fast-growing plants (begonias, geraniums and others) replace several times a year; as soon as there is close a pot, the plant is taken out without violation of an earth lump and place in a bigger pot, adding the fresh earth at the edges. Such change is called transfer .

That the plant had a beautiful appearance, it is necessary to form correctly krone, applying a nipping , that is, it is necessary to delete escape tops that causes growth of lateral escapes and forms lower and branched forms. The escapes directed inside pull out at the beginning of their emergence. The adult blossoming plants cut off every spring (geraniums, sectional begonias, a plumbago). Cutting is made in 2 weeks prior to change before growth renewal, doing a cut 1 cm higher than a kidney. At first delete the dry, weak, directed inside escapes.

should not introduce mineral fertilizers if plants are sick, are at rest, slowly grow or are only replaced. The blossoming plants begin to feed up after emergence of buds and finish with the end of blossoming. Between podkormka there has to be an interval in 7 - 10 days. In the beginning water plants, and then bring top dressing (in cloudy day). Frequent and weak top dressing is more effective, than rare, but bigger concentration.

Surround with care your florets, we, people, we appreciate leaving and attention too and we reciprocate on it. Having felt your love, houseplants will be repaid to you in kind - clean air and good mood!]