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Houseplants: what earth to them more tasty ?

Lately a popular gift became houseplants. Happens, will bring to you brightly - the yellow blossoming bush with the leaves similar to the first young escapes of all plants in the spring. And you so rejoice to this gift, look for to it the place that all saw. But after a while you understand that it will be more difficult further... What loves this most delicate being? How to keep it in that magnificent view in what it was presented?

All houseplants grow up for at dyeing of rooms; they revitalize air, increase working capacity, improve mood. But in what measure they to you will raise or lower mood, directly depends on a flower forage, that is on the earth. It is worth remembering that not any earth can provide to your favourite comfortable development.

The earth containing the vegetable remains - humus is suitable for cultivation of houseplants. Soil mixes are prepared from different types of soils: cespitose, sheet, humous or garden, peat and river sand.

Cespitose the earth which forms a basis of soil mixes prepares from layers of the meadow turf. They are cut in the early fall or in the summer and stacked a grass down, layer-by-layer pouring manure. The heap is shoveled twice a year. In 2 - 3 when the turf perepret, the soil can be used. Treat this view of the earth also the earth from meadow mole small groups.

The sheet earth (the main component of many soil mixes) prepares from the fallen-down rerotting leaves (except the oak and a willow containing the tannins interfering decomposition) with a lime additive for acidity increase. Friable, easy and very nutritious humous or greenhouse earth turns out at autumn redigging of hotbeds together with manure; it is ready to use in 2 years.

The peat earth consisting completely of the rerotting peat, very much a porist keeps heat and moisture. In it shanks quickly take roots and well plants develop, it is used as an additive almost to all mixes. The sand added to mixes does the soil friable, water - and air-permeable. In pure form sand is used during the rooting of shanks and crops of seeds. Coarse-grained sand is considered the best.

A hydroponics - cultivation of plants without the earth on nutritious solutions. The water-supply in a hydropot several times is more, than in a usual pot with the earth. There is enough single watering by nutritious solution on 2, and at some plants for 4 - 5 weeks. As a substratum use gravel, perlite, vermiculite, expanded clay, peat. Fill with a substratum hydrovessels, two-piece: actually the pot similar with usual, and a cache-pot for nutritious solution where the pot with a plant is inserted.

The industry lets out mixes of the mineral " fertilizers; And and In elements, containing all necessary for plants, which can be used for a hydroponics. Full replacement of nutritious solution is made time in 8 weeks in the summer and time in 12 weeks in the winter, the rest of the time in 8 - 14 days. It is impossible to allow decrease in level of solution below a bottom of an internal pot. At long cultivation of plants (3 - 4 years) in a substratum the waste products detaining their growth can collect.

Obviously, hard this business - someone or something to look after. But what pleasure to see result of the efforts! And especially, if it also is useful for health.]