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What is OSGO? Questions and answers.

Ya besides the main work cooperate with one Ukrainian insurance company. I passed certification and now I write out to car owners policies of OSGO ( autocitizens ) . At once I want to tell that I finish nobody, I do not convince, and even to the potential clients I suggest to ring out several companies to be convinced whether it is necessary for them. This type of an insurance works several years, but all the same remains secret behind seven seals even for motorists. Let`s try to understand this secret.

What is OSGO (CMTPL)?

Obligatory insurance of a civil liability ( autocitizen in the people) is an insurance of damage which the driver can cause in case of road accident. Still it is called insurance in favor of the third parties, but why the third but not the second, I did not understand yet. If road accident happens because of the driver, then the damage to victims is paid not by him, and that company which sold it the insurance policy. Insurance of the car (COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE) remains voluntary. In case of accident her responsible will be forced to restore own car at own expense if he did not insure him separately.

Whether this insurance is obligatory? insurance of responsibility of car owners is obligatory for

In Ukraine since July 1, 2004 (and in Russia and that earlier). But within several years the punishment mechanism for non-performance of the law was not developed. Therefore drivers did not hurry to spread terribly earned for an unclear insurance at all. And only since January 1, 2008 lack of the policy is punished by penalties from GAI officers now. Under the law it is possible to check existence of the policy only in case of road accident or if your car under suspicion. But you know road angels - they have all under suspicion therefore it is possible to spread 2 - 3 dollars quite often. Cheaper everything - to buy the policy, probably.

Who needs it? Emergence in Ukraine of such type of an insurance is potentially favorable to

also to insurers (companies), and to insurers (motorists). But not all drivers realized importance of this type of insurance. Especially, when I say to them what will be paid by money not to them, and other persons. OSGO is a guarantee that at road accident victims will receive compensation for the damage caused to them. Today in Ukraine victims are compelled long (and sometimes and without results) to try to obtain compensation of damage from responsible. Often happens that responsible for road accident going by expensive foreign car when considering the case in court appears the person without property and the income, and it is simply impossible to take from it something for compensation of damage to victims. Now insurance companies as if take the responsibility guilty of accident and pay repair of property and treatment of victims (from the innocent party).

And if I have an accident not through my fault, and the guilty person is not insured whether will pay me compensation?

Only if the guilty person - the disabled person of 1 group or the combatant, that is, the person exempted from such insurance. Its responsibility undertakes Motor insurance bureau of Ukraine. In other cases it is necessary to you long and tiresomely to beat out from the guilty person compensation of damage through court or other methods. Here therefore to avoid such situations, OSGO and is obligatory for all participants of traffic.

How much is insurance policy? the Tariff for each car owner is established by

individually, taking into account engine displacement, a driver`s experience and type of the settlement by multiplication of a base rate by the corresponding coefficients. On average it is 40 - 60 dollars a year for the car with an average engine displacement. At renewal of contracts for conscientious drivers at extension of an insurance its cost will decrease, for responsible for road accident - to raise. There are discounts in 50% for pensioners, disabled people 2 groups, participants of war. In general, it is considered that in Ukraine one of the lowest tariffs OSGO in Europe.

I go by the Muscovite only on the dacha. Why to me to be insured for the whole year?

you can insure the car for any term from 15 days to 12 months. The insurance for half a year will cost you 70% of cost of the full policy.

What compensation of damage can be received?

in case of road accident the maximum payment for damage of life and to health to each victim (to 5 people) will make 51 thousand hryvnias (10 000 dollars), for damage to the car - 25,5 thousand hryvnias (5 000 dollars). I repeat - maximum. But not a constant. Besides, there is a so-called franchize - not paid part of damage. In Ukraine it makes 510 hryvnias (100 dollars). It means that the company compensates damage to the third parties only over the specified sum. For example, you did harm for 500 dollars. The company compensates 400, and 100 you have to pay to an affected party. You can, of course, and not pay - as agree, the company does not interfere with it. You understand if you or to you caused damage for 50 dollars, there is no sense to address to insurance company. If I was drunk

, and through my fault there was a road accident whether the policy works?

Yes, the company in which you are insured will pay compensation to an affected party. But after that will submit a counter (regressny) claim to you that you compensated its expenses. So do not risk better.

Whether it is necessary to call insurance agents to the place of road accident? Is not present

, first of all you cause GAI, take from them the copy of the protocol from the scene, the certificate of your state in respect of sobriety. And then within three days you address to the insurance company (if you are guilty) or to the company of the second party (if it is guilty).

Whether the company compensates moral damage? Is not present

, it is not provided by the law. Such issues are resolved only in court.

We have with the son one car for two. Whether it is necessary to write out on everyone the insurance policy?

It is optional. You can enter the son in the policy, then the amount of payment will be calculated on a smaller experience. All the same the difference will be 10 times less than the cost of the separate policy.

I will add still that to the policy of assurance the special sticker (a sticker for a windshield) is given now on which period of validity of the policy is specified. It is impossible to fine for lack of a sticker (for lack of the policy - it is possible), he only confirms that you are insured. Some companies can give you the card granting the right two times free of charge to cause the tow truck to the place of road accident or breakage if your insured car cannot move. I think, in a year I should give to the clients the whole pile of different cards, stickers and documents.

So, nailing a staff to you, motorists and professionals! And, as I speak to clients at parting, let the policy be not useful to you!]