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Why Mikhaylovskoye should be visited?

Usually during vacation offer school students a set of entertaining excursions. Our school parallel chose a trip around Pushkin places from all variety.

The road in total occupied hours nine there two hours less back. In the company of teachers of Russian and literature the trip was unforgettable.

When you read Pushkina, far in consciousness landscapes of those places about which the poet writes are drawn. And at each of us the landscape, unique and special is born, but all of them meet in one: the place which we represent, reading, for example, Eugene Onegin is the North of Russia, the Pskov region, the village of Trigorskoye located near Petrovsky and Mikhaylovsky. It is impossible to be mistaken: yes sir the poet describes the nature of these places. Villages are located a triangle, and it helps to close that unique power which is concentrated there.

When you are in Mikhaylovsk, you are covered by unusual, incomparable feeling: to your eyes what was seen many years ago by Pushkin appears, you go on that earth on which the poet went, breathe the same air and become part of that place, a grain of sand in the desert of time. Breath intercepts as soon as you think that each tree, each stone is stored by memoirs, are living witnesses of life of the poet.

The unique impression is made by the house in Mikhaylovsk. Each room, each corner store in themselves a part of a Pushkin era. Here before you it stores a table at which the poet wrote not one ingenious work, nearby - a feather heat of his hands, in the same place the well-known inkwell. In a flash the imagination draws a picture: the poet is visited by inspiration, he sits down to a table and begins to create. You look around and you understand why such number of the works known now around the world exactly here was written. This place is literally filled with inspiration: and the person who never wrote even lines wants to take a feather and to begin to create.

Face to face you meet the childhood when you see the huge oak embracing the branches a manor Woolf in Trigorskom. It is also that green oak from the well-known Curved seashore. In this place the fairy tale becomes bylyyu: whether in imaginations, whether really you see both a scientific cat, and the mermaid.

Walking on the avenue in Trigorskom, you represent yourself Tatyana Larina who with alarm and impatience waits for the answer from Eugene Onegin. The look instantly falls on a oneginsky bench and feeling that from where - that from far away, from pages of the book, is heard Onegin`s recognition to Tatyana.

Pushkin`s manuscripts hang on house walls in Trigorskom, as well as in Mikhaylovsk. There it is possible to see also fragments from the novel in verses Eugene Onegin and a set of the poems written by the poet during the reference, the portraits of Pushkin and his friends drawn with the creator`s hand. In the same place and first edition of poems Roma Boris Godunov - all this represents huge value not only for Pushkin scholars, admirers and judges of his creativity, but also for fans of literature in general.

A.S. Pushkin near the Svyatogorsky monastery is buried. On a marble slab two lowered torches - a symbol of grief and grief, a six-pointed star - freedom symbol, and also a laurel wreath - a symbol of a victory and success.

We came back home late at night. A little tired, overflowed us feeling that all this there was a fine, disturbing soul dream. Everyone had unique impression of those places which we visited. It is worth repeating this trip once again! - pupils and teachers spoke unanimously. Our autumn vacation forever will remain in memory, we will tell for a long time that we uvidat.]