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What did Che Guevara become famous for?

you met this portrait on bags, undershirts, wristlets, stripes on all city. Who is he, this Che Guevara for what he is respected around the world?

The person with iron will, sharp character, caustic humour, courageous and ready in any second to stand for the companion - Ernesto Guevara de la Serna better known now as Che Guevara. The idol of revolutionary youth, the national hero of Argentina popular around the world, Che, seeing need and downtroddenness of the people, indifference and bribability of tops, in youth thinks of how to help simple people. And over time comes to a conclusion that reforms and charity from the USA will not make the people of Latin America free from poverty and lawlessness. Having resolved that there is only one exit - a social revolution, Che Guevara in the summer of 1953 leaves Argentina. The passionate fan of travel, Ernesto went to the longest wandering.

At the end of 1953 Guevara comes to Guatemala and takes active part in local political life. After Arbens`s office selected the earth at the American campaign, U.S. authorities accused the president of communism and supported Guatemalan rebels. Without having sustained pressing, in June, 1965 Arbens retired. However, without having occurred all this, perhaps, also there would be no Che Guevara`s an acquaintance to the Cuban revolutionaries. This acquaintance which defined its future happened in Mexico where the Argentinean got over before threat of inevitable arrest. Cubans tried to overthrow Batista`s dictatorship in the country. Fidel Castro who sought to make life of Cubans based on equality and justice was the leader of group. At the first meeting in Ernesto and Fidel`s views came to light much in common. The Argentinean was ready to give life for success Cuban and consequently, and continental revolution. Che emphasized that the guerrilla has to be an example of irreproachable conduct and readiness to offer himself for the sake of common cause .

Fight was heavy, losses are big, however the objectives are achieved: peasants and residents of Cuba dissatisfied with Batista entered Fidel Castro`s groups, and in the summer of 1958 approach of batistovsky army comes to an end with a total failure. Ernesto Che Guevara receives the highest military rank - the comandante, obtains the Cuban citizenship and enters into governing bodies of the country. But it does not change it. Che still lives modestly, opposing to luxury and excesses. Cubans saw it working at construction, unloading the vessel, and understood: this person acts this way because cannot in a different way, does not think of the life differently.

From the middle 50 - x years Che Guevara`s belief in communism victory around the world reached the apogee: it together with Cubans built new society where there will be no poor people and beggars where people will have equal rights where the power will really belong to the people. However what at the beginning of 60 - x was shown years in Cuba disturbed Che: sharply the number of officials increased, among the tempered fighters Sierra is Maestra the bribery found the place.

The Argentinean begins to think of how to reduce influence of negative factors on life of society. Seeing an exit in expansion of the social conflict, Che Guevara sets before himself the purpose - the Latin American revolution. It was confident that inhabitants of the continent are ready to repetition of the Cuban experience and therefore after March 14, 1965 Che disappears from political arena. Since November, 1966, the most reliable source of events is the Bolivian diary of Che Guevara which Ernesto keeps up to the last fight.

It is captured and shot in La - Ichera (1967) for aspiration to help simple people, for upholding of the views, for desire to relieve the continent of control of the American authorities. However and now in the look which stiffened on the known photo you see characteristic firmness and courage!]