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How to forget it?

It with another. You think that it is the end. No, believe, the girlfriend, it only the beginning. This beginning of your new life, but without it As many girls passed

through it: the guy chooses another. What here main thing? In time to gather and find forces to begin life anew. You are called, but not from that, to number look long ago learned by heart and become already native. You wake up in the morning and know that today there will pass day without it. Here also begin with it. Live day for yourself!

What it means? Open a case and find the most favourite prikid there. Perhaps, once it was not pleasant to it, but now you live for yourself. Do some shopping. If you are a single at heart - make it alone with yourself. If you cannot present life without girlfriends - invite them to divide this shopping with you.

But it is not panacea because after a circulation couple of hours on shops you will come back home, and thoughts will return to that favourite and native again. Here the main thing not to do 3 things: not to include the drama and the melodrama, not to listen to sad ballads and is not. I explain why: the first two points will lead to tears, a hysterics, and as a result, to the red swelled-up eyes and increase of pressure. And why these illnesses to the young and beautiful girl? And you understand the second - extra kilos will be even more now inopportunely than when you were together.

So, your actions can be those as I will give below. It is not the plan, not the guide to action, are councils which helped me and to those my poor girlfriends whose heart was broken off when they were thrown At first remove with

all darlings, love, and, above all, any SMS sad at all which it sent you. It is a pity? Difficult? Yes, I know, but it is the first step. From eyes down with so popular wisdom says? And not for nothing, I will tell you, it so says. Phone is cleared, and on your eyes for certain tears because you just re-read everything that it wrote you at that time. Nothing, take courage, the girlfriend! Further I will advise to remove all its photos, but at first where it such darling, such busechka . You can leave curve and unsuccessful, they will be useful, but later.

Visually it is already absent in your life, but it is so simple not to expel from heart. Your thoughts only of it, and it is clear. But only you can help yourself. You are creative nature? Begin to write, draw, mold, photograph - in a word, to create!

Include the comedy. It is desirable American, whenever possible, devchachyyu where all say around that men are identical and it is necessary to treat them so - and so - . Now several names, one them them - " come to my mind; Die, John Thaker! . Helps.

Business slides by the evening. And the melancholy, as a rule, begins to overcome at this particular time. Therefore if you feel though the slightest desire to go to bed - blow in a bed immediately. If there is no desire - opposite, find, than to be engaged because sleeplessness leads to the same sad thoughts. Read the magazine, call the beloved girlfriend or the best friend.

Next day you have to master mind and continue process of the exile which was from your heart. You know how Lope de Vega spoke? If you are too greedy for women, in delights look for shortcomings - council, suitable and for weak parts of mankind. Find faults of the person of the prince . Remember at least one detail that ever irritated you in it, and exaggerate it, exaggerate, present that all actually so awfully .

There is one more effective way. For certain you had a girlfriend who did not approve your relations with it. Talk to it, perhaps, it will be able to adjust you after the own fashion.

And still. If suddenly he calls or will write No, here, of course, to solve only to you, but if you solved also the decision your final, do not answer. It, sometimes, is the most difficult.

And in general, summing up the result of this subject which inherently a result - that has also no, I want to tell what helped me. New interest. I got acquainted with the person with whom I had so much the general, as not to transfer. The friendship which was tied practically at once developed into other, warm and reciprocal feeling. It helped me to remove finally from that heart with a prefix ex--. Not without reason speak - to meet in due time. While will seem to you that to forget it there are no forces any more, and there will come that necessary time...]