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Whether names and surnames are connected with characters and destiny? One more look... There are no

, I am not going to part theories here about the fact that at children with rigid names persistent, stubborn character is built up. Owners of softly sounding names, on the contrary, trembling and gentle - we at school learned that rigidity is property of solid bodies, and here is how to define rigidity of a name - the science does not specify. Also I will not push to you that in what name there is a sound And, it is not necessary to force to work. Work - their natural requirement - when I read it, long laughed loudly (at me is too And), did not remember yet that the sound And is in all Russian female names, except Lyubov. Liouba`s poor!

Well and it becomes absolutely terrible when you read something it seems patients, whose names begin on letters of the last third of the alphabet, are 3 times more often subject warmly - to vascular diseases - for such bad suggestion innocent Yulyam, Feliksam and Tsilyam (and suddenly will believe and will begin to look for nonexistent diseases?) experts on the names in general it is necessary to kill from a slingshot.

Wise men are expressed more interestingly. A name of the person - his thinnest metaphysical cover. With a surname even more abruptly, it is transformation of destiny, transition to other egregor - so keep in mind, young women when you take a surname of the husband, you not just satisfy his man`s superiority, but also pass into its egregor... Generally, as you will call the yacht, so it also will float .

Well, all already thought that the Toad in cuffs finally went off the rails and was on sale to world idealism and mysticism? Hakhakh. You will not wait. Especially as on ShZh already is from half-dozen of articles about influence of names where authors prove that a name on the person:

and) would influence

) does not influence

in) it is necessary to think when you call the child Traktorom.

No. I want to talk about names of literary heroes. And that not everything, but only in the Soviet literature. Why in Soviet? Because speaking surnames of everyones there Skalozubov, Oblomov and Skotininykh from the Russian literature are also so rather well investigated, and with foreign surnames in general everything is difficult. I do not undertake to speak about modern Russian literature because I poorly know it and time will show still that there literature and that commerce. Not our question.

Remains Soviet. In - the first, it is already history, in - the second, recent and many still remember it. And chitano this a letter - and waste paper was fairly in due time. And attentive readers of course, noticed that heroes are nice soldiers, fearless researchers, geologists and polar explorers, generally good people - by all means carried surnames it seems Severtsev, Zvyagintsev, Gray-haired, Black. Brave counterspies and quick workers with the cold heads and warm hearts well suited simple courageous surnames like Kites, Sokolov, Majors.

Ridiculous, satirical characters and minor heroes managed surnames of type of Small screws, Funtikov, Grazhdankin, Senkin, Shapkin, Cucumbers etc. Frank and secret enemies of public authority carried expressively opposite surnames like Sharaborin, Shmyglo, Negod, and representatives of these people are people, so to speak, from a plow, often were called touchingly - is national: Shchukar, Nepeyvoda, Not god, Zherebilo, Mysh (without soft sign) and so forth. Eternally fluctuating intellectuals which only by the end of the movie or book realized the delusions and rose (or did not follow) the correct way of a collectivism, as a rule, had surnames long and intricate it seems Listovsky, Preobrazhensky, Bormental, Rasstegais.

But there is also the return case when real surnames passed into literature, and so affected on their carriers that becomes not to laughter.

Once upon a time there were Vyrikova and Lyadskaya - two girls from Krasnodon where there is an action of the novel of Fadeyev Young Guard . When the Soviet troops freed Krasnodon, the city discussed execution of young underground workers. Someone accused Lyadskaya and Vyrikova of treachery... The stories, as usual, embellished and repeatedly distorted reached ears of the high army administration, got to official papers - and all. Fadeyev brought them in the novel traitresses who gave all organization on painful death. It had no another, checked data, and of Vyrikov and Lyadskaya seemed to it very suitable for traitresses. At heroes and a surname have to be heroic - Kosheva, Gromov. And here Lyadskaya and Vyrikova. Fadeyev even wrote that they were girlfriends though they did not know each other at all...

What was actually? The schoolgirl Olga Lyadskaya was arrested by fascists on suspicion of participation in group of guerrillas. The police interrogated it, beat, forced, and then her mother brought a moonshine bottle, and the little girl was let out. It would seem, it was lucky. But in the 43rd year it is taken away by SMERSh group: why let out? It seemed to bodies it is suspicious. The unfortunate girl could not tell about what was, she was accused of treachery and put.

There were few proofs, and it, maybe, also would pardon, or gave small term, but... literature interfered. In the 46th year its case was considered again, and decisive argument of her fault was: even in the book it is written that you are a traitress! Three years of interrogations in connection with new data (that is Fadeyev`s novel!) punishment cells, hunger. Promised the girl, morally broken, almost deranged from a beating: sign it - and we will release. It it was recognition in change the Homeland and complicity to invaders. A sentence - 15 years of camps. Stages, zone. And on a zone it was hated too and spat in a face at any opportunity...

In the 56th year Lyadskaya was released, but the traitress`s brand from her was not removed, all country at schools studied the novel Young Guard and all children of the country hated Lyadskaya and Vyrikova. The easy movement of a hand Fadeyev crossed out their life, but unless he was concerned by such trifles when the novel already was about to cause Stalin`s displeasure? Lyadskaya wrote it, but he did not even answer her.

Only in 1990 Lyadskaya was rehabilitated, but life was already ruined. The same year she for the first time got acquainted with Vyrikova who passed the same terrible way. Two old women from whom stole 50 years of life. Here also tell

that surnames do not influence destiny.]