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Why people dream to fly? Just there is a wish for happiness. You Remember

, at Ostrovsky? Why people do not fly

So why? In one clever book which appeared during the beginning of flood of new doctrines and outlooks on life and an essence of the person it was said that everyone can fly, the trifle is only necessary - to absorb this ability with mother`s milk. It is simple to know that you can fly and

the Book was called About the boy who was able to fly, or the Way to freedom Akimova and Klimenko. But I not about it especially as a technique of flights in the book long and difficult and mothers flying meet seldom.

Me what more simply and quicker. There was time, there was information on the method giving the chance to stay in a state of weightlessness on our powerful Earth and to receive such high and delight!

However, it is emotions, and they as a basis of our health and wellbeing seldom by whom are accepted. Are necessary to people more concrete and checked by materialists - physicians of an explanation and the facts.

I quote.

Method X. Aliyeva is called Key also it is constructed on training in art of self-development by means of transgene automatic monotonous movements, known in east religions, which are carried out with the minimum mental effort, most often in various technicians of prayers. These are automatic rockings by the head, a body, the ideomotorny levitating movements of hands, etc.

As the psychiatrist, X. Aliyev investigated and proved that conscious artificial modeling of automatic movements reduces stress, revitalizes and harmonizes mentality.

method X Essence. Aliyeva - to find automatism in any occupation, convenient and habitual for you, or to find such movement which suits you and to make it with the minimum effort, and ideally in general without mental effort, on true automatism, and it is possible to begin such movement randomly and intentionally, without expecting it as the fact of ideomotorny reaction as it was offered in SK - a method, a method of a levitation of M. Eriksson, etc.

At what weeds here? So the movements of the flying hands flying as if without volition on pleasure, create feeling of flight. There is a wish to close eyes, and here you last up, already on mysochka, still

But mother did not give a portion of magic confidence with the milk so flight, the real flight is postponed so far. I will absorb feeling of flight, pleasure, satisfaction, removal of stressful tension, and it is a lot more what necessary slowly.

You want to join? Let`s begin with the most important, we will remember how rocked to sleep us in the childhood as were suffered from travel sickness in the train. Let`s learn to shake at that speed what is necessary to your body now. The movements turn out as if, besides your will. This main condition. We derive the first pleasure and rest in thoughts and muscles.

Now we extend hands forward, we strain together with cams, and then quickly we weaken and we watch how hands (!!) without your active participation disperse in the parties.

Then meet again. Disperse - meet. It is curious that hands at the same time are not tired and there are a wish to drive them long. However, this incorrect remark, they are found.

Then new feeling. Hands are lowered down and on your internal desire serially or at once together they (!!) soar up up. In total. Flight takes place normally.

Begins very much to be wanted to move, make some incredible dancing movements. Do not prevent a body to enjoy!

When you are flown, there will come the most responsible moment. Sit down more conveniently and listen to the feelings. They are inexpressible. there is no

of Thoughts, there are feelings and rest. Then the thoughts necessary and wise begin to appear. It you creep out, in a pure, divine look, without silly, every minute vain slovomeshalka.

The technique can be directed to some private decisions and settings. All this then. It is important to understand - I can be free!

It is possible to consolidate these feelings. On it only 5 days for 30 minutes of your precious time will be required. And all.

Then only thought of flight and you where there are no stresses where you real and where everything turns out. to you it is good

? Do exercises. to you it is bad

? Remember that state when to you it was good, and the body right there will respond.

I still small quote of the author of a technique:

It is the most effective equipment in which both psychoanalysis, and diagnostics, and correction, and control of efficiency of correction, and psychological unloading, and insayt, and other rehabilitation and mobilization processes happen organically in uniform process.

A looks it unusually simply.

Because corresponds to the nature.

Happy flight!]