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What curative properties green tea possesses?

From time immemorial in the countries of the East green tea are considered the real elixir of health and longevity, secrets of a tea ceremony and knowledge of its properties are from generation to generation transferred. In Russia green tea only begins to win popularity and respect. So than green tea is useful?

Modern researches showed that green tea contains vitamins C, P, B, K, PP, A, D, E, and minerals fluorine, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, phosphorus, calcium.

the vitamin C which is Contained in green tea of which in it it is more, than in a citrus is the strongest antioxidant, helps an organism to struggle with various viruses and infections, increasing immunity. In green tea in 10 times more of vitamin P , than in black therefore it exerts huge beneficial influence on the blood circulatory system, is improved by elasticity of walls of vessels. The vitamin K participating in education in a liver of a prothrombin necessary for maintenance in an organism of normal coagulability of blood also does green tea by the real drink of health. Besides, it is proved that it contains such huge amount of catechins what is not present any more in any other plant, and it allows green tea to regulate sugar level in blood.

Rich content of iodine in green tea exerts positive impact on functioning of endocrine system therefore it is useful to drink it at diseases of a thyroid gland. And from - for high concentration of fluorine in green tea, it is good to rinse a mouth freshly brewed tea for prevention of caries, periodontosis and disinfection of a mouth.

The regular use of green tea - remarkable prevention of diseases of sight , is warm - vascular system , of vessels of a brain , of atherosclerosis , of a hypertension.

it is useful for b to drink it at dysbacteriosis , food poisonings , prick . The use of green tea at a rate of 10 cups in day will help to reduce risk of developing of cancer tumors .

At diseases of blood vessels often drink so-called egg " tea; : it is necessary to separate two yolks, to carefully mix them and to pour in a cup where there are 3 - 5 g of the crushed green tea. Then again to mix everything and to drink entirely, but no more than 1 time a day. This drink prevents the hardening of walls of vessels conducting to atherosclerosis and reduces arterial pressure.

At diseases digestive , secretory , it is warm - vascular , nervous systems , avitaminosis , accumulation of toxic substances , of insufficiency of blood circulation , a lack of iron and the low level of hemoglobin is recommended to be drunk 1 - 2 glass of green tea for 1 - 2 hour to food with raisin, dried apricots and other dried fruits. During toxicoses

and at motion sickness it is good to b to chew green tea.

Green tea is capable to bring heavy metals, slags out of an organism, it neutralizes electromagnetic radiations. It accelerates exchange processes, promotes splitting of fatty deposits.

Theine , the tea caffeine which is contained in green tea excitingly affects nervous system that helps thinking, increase of mood. Theine is completely removed from an organism therefore the use of green tea cannot cause emergence of side effects.

Also   green tea; promotes strengthening sinews, bones; it is very useful at heart diseases because it levels breath and does not cause tachycardia, and supports normal cholesterol level. This drink even prevents accustoming to alcohol , for example, to avoid a hangover, it is recommended to drink several cups of green tea after the use of alcohol.

Use of green tea in cosmetics is very widespread: on its basis make the rejuvenating creams, masks, face toners and shampoos. It is capable to keep youth and beauty of skin, improves complexion and slows down aging process.

  green tea; it is recommended to drink without milk and sugar as their addition reduces concentration of useful substances in tea. It is possible to add to it honey. It is also very important to remember that freshly brewed need to drink green tea and to use the same tea leaves no more than 2 - 3 times.

Green tea is very useful in the summer, it not only perfectly satisfies thirst, but also makes up for losses of necessary minerals and cleans pores. However it is necessary to know that cold it is better not to drink green tea as it promotes accumulation of a phlegm in an organism.

Curative properties, taste and aroma of tea in many respects depend on correctness of its preparation . If for tea leaves you use tap water, then surely defend it several hours in open ware. Green tea needs to be made not abrupt boiled water, but very hot water, at the rate of 0,5 h l. tea leaves on 1 cup of water. It is necessary to fill in tea leaves with water in three steps: at first on a third of volume of a teapot, in 1 - 2 minutes - on a half, and in 2 minutes - on three quarters of volume. It is necessary to insist 2 - 5 minutes. Having drunk a half of a teapot, again fill in other part with water.

of tea drinking Pleasant to you!