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Whether it is easy to be the werewolf?

Many centuries lives among people the werewolf is one of the most mysterious characters of ancient legends and beliefs. Belief in likantrop (in translation from Greek literally means wolf man transformation of the witch into a wolf ) existed at many civilizations throughout the millennia. But in different cultures the attitude towards the werewolf was unequal.

Some tribes of Indians and indigenous people of Africa considered them as totemic, sacred beings, the patrons and were sure that their leaders or shamans can turn into wolves. Ancient Egyptians of the god Anubis represented with the head of a wolf (jackal). In the Chinese mythology a wolf (dog) take not the last place in a scale of ranks of deities. In Europe on werewolves arranged round-ups, and then under blows witch-hunts innocent people got.

In Russia the standard point of view is expressed simply: Werewolves - the fairy tale character if existed, then at the time of the tsar Gorokh, and prick who what will see similar to them, so for certain it can find an explanation . Just on this subject many years Alexander Kuzovkin - the physicist - the optician were also engaged in searches of explanations, and Nikolay Nepomnyashchy is a journalist. Both employees of the famous magazine Round the world .

Their work developed into comprehensive study of a phenomenon of a lycanthropy which was considered from four main positions.

In - the first, the werewolf - a mythical being, the person - the sorcerer able to turn into a wolf. Generally, the blood-thirsty being tries to discover the victims, and it is possible to kill him only in the certain way (for example, a silver bullet).

In - the second, it is a wolf in itself. A cunning and clever animal who learned to deceive the person and who, according to those to whom wolves nevertheless learned to trust, possesses a high intelligence and bright identity.

In - the third, the person affected with very rare hereditary illness which many symptoms coincide with signs of a lycanthropy (porfiriya). This state is caused by the genetic disorders leading to a vesicular eritema. In other words, skin of the patient becomes very sensitive to light, especially solar, and under its influence becomes covered by the inflamed spots.

Inflammations turn into ulcers which can pass into cartilages and bones. Gradually the nose, ears, eyelids and fingers collapse. Pigmentation of skin changes, teeth can become red or is reddish - brown. Mental manifestations from slight hysteria to maniacally - depressive psychosis and frenzied nonsense are possible. In the Middle Ages of it there was enough to sentence the poor creature to death.

In - the fourth, it is a natural sciences phenomenon, the wild child - a wolf, the human child who grew up among animals, lost almost all human features: a speech power, ability it is free to move in vertical position.

According to researchers, survivability of myths was affected by existence of all these four factors. The werewolf, wolf, victim of a likantropichesky illness and the child - a wolf are strongly connected in life and a legend. The wolf with sharp canines who is stolen in night inspired fear in the primitive person as directs it still at the people living in deaf corners of Earth. The bloody affairs the wolf ensured the gloomy place both in natural sciences, and in legends.

The fear of a wolf in ancient times and in the Middle Ages was transformed to idea of even more terrible being, the person turning into similarity of a wolf obsessed with blood lust. In those far times people in the consciousness did few distinctions between the werewolf and a wolf. The fear which was caused by both those and another was so big. Distinguished werewolves even less and the victims of the porfiriya striking in the Middle Ages there are a lot of people.

The child abuse, well-mannered animals, is caused by fear of the werewolf too. The child - a wolf had a terrible state, he violently battled for freedom and without hesitation rushed on any who disturbed him in the wood and as the real werewolf, tested thirst for the moon: became uneasy at night and howled, looking at it. Fortunately there were such people as Jean Itar and doctor Singh capable to surround such children with care and attention.

Historic fact.

B 1963 in Siberia the militia caught a certain Nicodemus Rudnyaev who slaughtered local goats and sucked their blood. Established that Rudnyaev killed animals with teeth and before biting them into a throat, rose on all fours and overtook the victim one jump. Nicodemus transported to Moscow, in scientifically - the research center, under the aegis KGB, and its traces got lost.

In 1976 there was a conflict in one of the African states in which suppression the USSR took part. Africans remember that the person of extraordinary force who terribly grew with hair who did not use the weapon was one of the main characters in team of the Soviet special troops, and rushed on the huge armed fighters with barehanded, literally gnawing it a throat.

According to descriptions this person very much reminds Siberian Rudnyaev