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How to kindle a fire without matches, during wet weather?

Outside spring, and today we will go hiking virtually. And, as usual, the campaign at us will be given extremely unsuccessful. And with weather will not have luck, and matches were left at home, without saying that after the rain which is not stopping within two weeks everything that it was only possible to set fire to, is irreversible dampened. Here having piled a small small group of similar problems, we, with eagerness peculiar to us, begin to overcome them.

So, we will try to make fire during wet weather. And the first that needs to be considered in these chilly circumstances, is that obvious fact that much easier and to part and set fire to small fire, than big. And therefore, safely we part great variety of small fires which also will be better to burn, and heat will give more, or perhaps if strongly carries, and will allure some plane which got lost in clouds. What for? Perhaps to the house will throw...

As for fuel, it is the best of all to look for it under trunks of the tumbled-down trees. There usually small, dry islands remain. From which the most combustible and convenient material is decay of the dried trees, or dry stubs and pitch of pine cones.

Now everything that we groped for, needs to be put to a heap, in the form of a wigwam. And here at this solemn moment you find out that you left at home matches.

Anything terrible. Is not necessary about it to tear the hair, buttons also to rub the cheeks which are plentifully watered with a salty tear. Is not necessary - because there are at least three gettings of fire checked by popular wisdom of a way without matches.

The first and most successful option is a flint and ognivo. The relevant party of a waterproof matchbox, or a firm piece of a stone can serve as flint here.

In order that from a spark the flame flared up, it is necessary to cut this spark for a start. For what became enraged we beat with flint about a steel knife blade, or about some small steel whetstone. When the spark gets on a tinder and the last begins to smoke, urgently, urgently we bend and we begin to blow desperately. If all made correctly - fire is ready if it is not present - we pass to the beginning of the paragraph.

The second way sung by unforgettable Cyrus Smith is put into the sun and a lens. And he made the last of two glasses of a watch, having filled them with water and having covered with clay, once again having confirmed that stalemates do not happen.

If Prometheus did not leave you also fire to get it did not work well, necessary to advise to resort to the last and most classical way of a vysecheniye of a flame, namely to friction. Resort to this way from a big despair. However the faint hope on success everything is has to glimmer.

At this way a set of versions we will stop on one, called, onions and drill . For a start we do onions by means of a lace, ropes, or a belt. Then we use it for scrolling of a dry soft staff in the small opening made in the dry and firm block of a tree. As a result we will receive dry powdery dust in which at further friction the spark has to appear.