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What we know about the award Oscar ?

on February 24, 2008 in Los - Andzheles at " movie theater; Kodak delivery of the most prestigious film award " will take place; Oscar . This ceremony is considered anniversary, 80 - y on the account.

Date of the basis of the award Oscar formally consider on May 11, 1927. This day Luis Meyer, the president of " studio; The Subway - Golduin - Meyer stated idea of creation of a special award for the most outstanding achievements in the field of cinematography. The first figurine was molded by the sculptor George Stanley in 1928. In the middle of the same year developed also system of vote by which began to determine winners in various nominations. Exactly thanks to democratic character of the choice the film award won the popularity. Fundamental difference from other film festivals in system of selection consists that Oscars are handed by results of universal suffrage of members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but not at the choice of the selected jury.

For the first time the award was handed on May 16, 1929 on a banquet in Hollywood Roosevelt - hotel. At the hall then there were 270 people, and the entrance ticket cost only $5. Today on a ceremony tickets are not on sale and it is possible to get on it only on special invitation.

The figurine looks as the knight with a sword in hands standing on the film coil. As there was a name Oscar precisely nobody knows, but the most popular is the version that one of workers of academy, Margaret Herrick, somehow said as if the knight reminds her the uncle of the Oscar. The joke gained distribution at first in a lobby of academy, and then and in reports of journalists. Since 1939 a figurine, as well as an award, officially began to call the Oscar.

It is remarkable that till 1941 some days before a ceremony it was possible to learn names of winners of an award from newspapers. But in the subsequent organizers decided to introduce a little intrigue in a ceremony and names of Oscar winners began to seal in envelopes.

Since 1953 TV channels began to broadcast delivery of the most prestigious film award, and today on the air inhabitants of several tens countries can observe a ceremony.

Famous Walt Disney could catch the greatest number of figurines - 64 times of his work were nominated on Oscar and 26 times it was the first. From actors on 12 times Katharine Hepburn and Meryl Streep were nominated, at the same time Catherine - only of actresses which was is awarded figurines 4 times. Movies It happened " one night; (1934), One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest (1975) and Silence of lambs (1991) received awards on five major categories The Best picture The Best director The Best scenario The Best actor and The Best actress .

The Soviet and Russian movies received Oscar 6 times:

1. Documentary Defeat German - fascist troops near Moscow Leonid Varlamov and Ilya Kopalin (1942)

2. War and peace Sergey Bondarchuk (1968)

3. Dersu Uzala Akira Kurosawa (1975, coproduction USSR and Japan)

4. Moscow does not trust tears Vladimir Menshov (1980)

5. Burnt by the Sun Nikita Mikhalkov (1994)

6. Animation movie Old man and sea Aleksandra Petrova (2000)

V is nominated 2008 for the Oscar 2 movies of our directors: 12 Nikita Mikhalkov and Mongol Sergey Bodrov - the senior, they lay claim The best foreign movie . Let`s hope that in our moneybox will increase...]