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What outstanding Soviet athlete was the most dear visitor of A. Schwarzenegger?

Today, on January 28, numerous relatives and friends of the legendary Soviet athlete Leonid Ivanovich Zhabotinsky will gather to congratulate dear Lenyu with 70 - the anniversary. Where there will take place this solemn event: whether in Moscow where already for many years there lives Zhabotinsky, or in Zaporizhia where both sons, not an essence important live its. More than it is sure that he will be congratulated not only by Russians, Ukrainians and friends from the former republics of the Soviet Union, but also his most great American friend, the legendary actor and the governor A. Schwarzenegger. Yes, he because as Arnold admitted once, he since the childhood supported Zhabotinsky Leonid Ivanovich was born

as you understand, on January 28, 1938, in the village of Uspenka of Krasnopolsky district of the Sumy region. Here went to the first class of school. There were not enough stars from the sky in study because was not really - that assidious, but when physical education classes began, ran out on the street like mad.

Before Lenya went to the fourth class, his parents decided to move to Kharkiv. It was post-war time, with eternal malnutrition therefore in those days it was terrible to look at Lenya - skin and bone. Especially the father worried, often repeating two sons: you would be engaged in some sport, differently and will remain chakhlikam nevmerushchy .

Determined by growth and Leonid`s build in section of track and field athletics. And here he surprised the mentor when declared that he wants to train in such sport as shot put. Also began to be engaged so zealously that the heavy sphere departed further and further each time. From where only forces undertook? The guy came to trainings after the termination of a shift at the well-known Kharkiv tractor plant where he came after a semiletka and was at first an ancillary worker, bringing heavy pieces of iron, and then and turner. The master of his shop, Yury Manchenko, very much was keen on boxing and even conducted section. He - that also invited the subordinate who became the friend to himself to occupations.

And soon Leonid learned that Mikhail Petrovich Svetlichny, the weightlifting coach, takes beginners in the group. Came, looked, it was pleasant, decided to remain. Here all was necessary to start from scratch, unlike shot put where Zhabotinsky rose so highly that later, later few years, became the bronze prize-winner of the championship of Ukraine that granted the right for assignment of a rank Master of Sports . And before 17 - the summer guy had also to study at evening school. In a word, each working day at it was very densely pressed and painted on minutes with

A weightlifting it ached after looked at demonstration performance of the glorified Soviet athletes which those showed in Kharkiv once. But Zhabotinsky still went to Moscow on the All-Union sports contest of labor unions. And though did not get special laurels, but it was the youngest participant of tournament to whom designated the brilliant future. But he already made the choice - weightlifting.

In 18 years Leonid unexpectedly for all became the student of the Kharkiv teacher training college, now it had to combine lectures and sports activities. To tell that all at it went, without a hitch, it is hardly possible: in sport there are all both victories, and annoying failures. But every new season weight on a bar which was pushed by Zhabotinsky became more and more.

His Olympic duel in Tokyo with the Olympic champion of Rome Yury Vlasov became an hour of triumph of Leonid Ivanovich. In four years after Rome in their weight category a lot of things changed, in particular, the world record belonged not to Vlasov, akak time to Zhabotinsky.

Initially Vlasov had a certain advantage: its weight made 142 kg while Zhabotinsky has 18 kg more. That is if in all-round both athletes lift the identical number of kilograms, the victory will be awarded to Vlasov. Even more Yury when in a press won 10 kg against Zhabotinsky strengthened the situation. In two other types, thus, Leonid had to win back 12,5 kg to become the champion of the Olympic Games.

In breakthrough of 5 kg Zhabotinsky won back, and the push was it crown look . The first a bar approached Vlasov and pushed 200 kg. Zhabotinsky answered - 205. Vlasov - 210! Now for a victory Zhabotinsky needs to push already 217,5 kg, and it is a world record!

Leonid decided to pass the weight and 210 and 215 kg not to waste force (competitions lasted 7 hours without interruption by then). Yury 215 did not lift. Leonid had two attempts. With the first - the bar did not obey it. Between approaches of only 180 seconds, three minutes. In a restroom the doctor offered commands to Zhabotinsky an oxygen pillow supposedly flush the lungs with air. Leonid flushed the lungs with air so that weight took!

For the audience and furthermore for Vlasov - it was shock! And then there was an incident which could give up as a bad job all sports career of Zhabotinsky. To it entrusted to bear the Olympic banner of the Soviet team, but before a tribune it had to incline this banner before the emperor of Japan.

Instead of taking and strengthening a banner on a belt as it was done by all standard-bearers (for this purpose on a belt there was a special pocket), Leonid Ivanovich for some reason incurred it on an outstretched arm. It is necessary to tell that the banner with a staff weighed, according to Leonid Ivanovich, something about a pood, from - for the long a staff. In a word, passing by the emperor, Zhabotinsky did not risk to incline a banner that it did not slip out a hand at all. The international scandal ran high. As a result of Zhabotinsky nearly expelled from party, and instead of the Order of Lenin awarded the order the Labour Red banner.

But these Olympic Games appeared for Zhabotinsky not of the last. Four years later, in Mexico City, he became the Olympic champion again! And again received only an award of the Labour Red banner.

Zhabotinsky left a scaffold in 1971, from - for kidney gripes. But performed on it operation and he returned, and even in 1973 won the Cup of the USSR, having in passing established a world record in breakthrough (183,5 kg). Next year in the championship of Armed forces it raised a record bar on 2 kg. It was its last world record.

And Leonid Ivanovich`s destiny is farther it developed so. He trained boys in CSKA, then it awarded four-annual trip to Mozambique. In 1991 the colonel Zhabotinsky was dismissed from armed forces. Some time was the vice rector of Institute of business and the right, now, as far as I know, he teaches in the Russian academy of safety and defense in Moscow.

And unless it is important, will send or the governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will not send the congratulatory telegram?]