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How to prepare puff kissel?

Many love kissels. It for anybody not a secret. And here correctly they are known how to cook by not all hostesses. I offer you the recipe not just kissel, and kissel puff.

For preparation it is required to you:

2 glasses of pasteurized milk of 3,2% of fat content

0,5 glasses of a cranberry

1,5 tablespoons of qualitative corn

starch 1 tablespoon of the

0,25 and 0,3 potato starch of a glass of

granulated sugar 2,25 glasses of boiled water.

And now the detailed description of everything that with these products should be made.

Heat milk (1,5 glasses) to boiling and pour into it 0,25 glasses of granulated sugar. After milk will begin to boil, heating should be stopped and in the container with the begun to boil milk to pour in mix from corn starch and the cold milk remaining 0,5 glasses. Continuously stirring slowly, bring the turned-out dairy kissel to boiling and you cook on the minimum fire of 4 - 5 minutes. Fans can add a little vanilla sugar (on a knife tip).

Touch a cranberry, very carefully wash out it, wring out from it juice. Merge juice in not oxidized ware and put on cold. Put the remained alburnum in a pan, fill in with hot boiled water, bring to boiling and you cook 5 - 10 minutes. Then all this needs to be wiped carefully through a fine sieve. Pour 0,3 glasses of granulated sugar into the prepared cranberry water, again bring it to boiling and remove a skin from a surface.

Dissolve potato starch in a small amount of cold water and pour in just begun to boil cranberry compote. Do not forget to stir slowly properly. Bring kissel from a cranberry to boiling and add to it that juice which you put previously to be cooled.

In beautiful, it is desirable the transparent form which is in advance moistened with water accurately fill a little granulated sugar - so that only to walls stuck. Now pour a layer of dairy kissel (about 3 cm) on a bottom.

Forms need to be put on cold and to wait until kissel thickens. As soon as thickens, you can fill in over it a layer of cranberry kissel. This cranberry kissel has to be a little cooled too not to kindle a plenochka on a surface of dairy kissel - that layers did not mix up.

The quantity of layers and their thickness, and also what can be put between layers depends only on your imagination and free time.

If you plan to give kissel to a table as a separate dish and if in a dairy layer there is a vanilla sugar, can put from above on a cranberry layer vanilla shaving. If your kissel reaches a limit from above with a dairy layer, I recommend to decorate it with the whole klyukvina.

If you not the opponent of a kiselny film and quietly transfer taste of a fresh cranberry, can follow my advice on decoration of a surface of kissel. At once I warn that greater beauty requires a certain field for activity therefore it will be better if you pour kissel in flat dishes with wide edges. So, take the washed-out fresh klyukvina about one size and lay out them on a surface of well created kiselny film in the form of a grapes cluster, and vanilla or coconut flakes fill a small stalk and a grape leaflet (the last will be simpler in the presence of a cliche which is cut out from usual paper). If hands are not appeased, powder a cranberry from above with icing sugar - the most beautiful picture will turn out!

To steam of councils for newly made zavarivatel of kissel.

Before a zavarivaniye starch should be dissolved with cold boiled water, milk or juice in a proportion 1:4.

If you do not love a plenochka which is formed on a kissel surface at its cooling, powder it when it still hot, a thin layer of granulated sugar or icing sugar (powder it is better to powder a dairy layer of kissel).

Bon appetit!]