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How to make rum baba? Very much I like to cook

Ya and very much I like to cook new dishes. I constantly try and I experiment. Absolutely not so long ago I came across the recipe which changed my understanding about pastries upside down. And what me especially struck - the dish left from the first time, and thus as left! How I did not prepare it earlier? Really such or similar recipe never came across to me? I have no answer. But there is a desire to share with you this recipe. Here it.

We cook RUM BABA! it is necessary for

For the test: 2 glasses of milk (I took more fatly) to

7 of

eggs 1 glass of

granulated sugar of 300 g of the soft

0,5 butter of a teaspoon of

salt of 200 g of the washed-out raisin

of 40 g of dry

yeast are necessary for

of 1 kg of

high-grade flour For syrup:

0,5 glasses of

granulated sugar 1,5 glasses of boiled

water of 5 tablespoons of

semi-sweet red wine 2 tablespoons of any tasty! the

1 liqueur a vodka teaspoon (it is possible also without vodka)

According to the recipe needs the following. to part with

In 1 glass of warm milk yeast, to add 3 glasses of flour and to knead dense dough.

to Roll dough in a sphere, to make on the one hand 5 - 6 superficial cuts and to lower dough in a pan with warm water (about 3 liters), to cover and put to the warm place.

In an hour when dough emerges and will increase in volume twice, it should be taken out a skimmer, to shift in a pan for mixing of the test, to add the glass of warm milk, salt pounded until white with sugar and vanillin the yolks beaten in foam whites.

Everything needs to mix, add other flour and to knead dough.

After that it is necessary to add the butter which is shaken up until white, again properly to knead, cover with a napkin and to put to the warm place.

When dough will increase in volume at least twice, it is possible to add raisin to it, to mix and pour in forms on 0,3 heights. (In a form I stack pro-buttered paper for baking.)

of the Form should cover with napkins and to put in heat rasstoyatsya.

When dough in forms will approach to 0,75 heights, it needs very carefully to be put in an oven on average heat for 45 - 60 minutes.

during pastries a form should be turned very carefully as even at a small push dough can settle and core will appear an empty or one side will be crumpled (it is necessary to confess that I trukhnut a form, and one party of the woman was lower, than another. But that cannot but please, such defect does not affect taste).

Ready rum baba needs to be taken out from a form, to put sideways on a dish, to wait until cools down and to pour mix of wine, liqueur and vodka. Here haste is not necessary - wait until the alcohol well is absorbed, and then turn the woman and repeat douche on the other hand.

After douches needs to be got wet carefully the woman with a napkin to remove surplus of liquid, to put on a dry beautiful tray and, having covered with a towel, to wait until the woman is insisted and will become impregnated.

Here actually and all. The woman is ready.

My own variation: all woman prepares as it is given above, and to it is covered with the chocolate glaze mixed with the same liqueur what was used for treatment of the woman.

Frankly speaking, here it is simple to wish bon appetit a little.