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How to make coffee roll for tea?

How to please house during a Sunday lunch?

Make COFFEE ROLL for a dessert, and members of household will sweep away it from a dish with such speed that you will be with interest rewarded for works in the day off, and the glory a miracle - the culinary specialist will fly ahead of you and you will not be able to catch up with it how tried!

Products for the test:

of 250 g of

honey of 8 tablespoons of the

6 semolina of

eggs 1 tablespoon of the

0,5 ground coffee of a teaspoon of the cinnamon powder

0,5 of a teaspoon of a ground carnation

1 teaspoon of baking powder.

Products for cream:

of 120 g of

honey of 120 g of the soft

butter 3 yolks

vanillin of 50 g of grated walnuts

of 100 g of the melted

dark chocolate cinnamon powder on a knife tip.

Products for fondant :

of 300 g of

200 granulated sugar of ml of a warm boiled

3 water teaspoon of lemon juice.

How to prepare.

Pound honey, yolks and coffee before increase in volume twice and formations of dense homogeneous weight. Gradually add semolina and baking powder, spices and whites beaten in foam. Slightly knead dough and bake in the form laid by paper for baking on the maximum fire. When dough becomes light-yellow, lay out a cake layer on pure wet towel wipes. Remove paper, and together with a napkin curtail layer into a roll. In 1 minute develop, remove a napkin and again curtail. Now you can distract from roll before its full cooling.

Prepare cream. For this purpose it is necessary to mix yolks with honey, sugar, vanillin and cinnamon powder. Kindle chocolate on a water bath and add it to yolks. Put the turned-out weight on the minimum fire and you cook, constantly stirring slowly. Mix has to thicken right after boiling. When it occurs, it is necessary to remove the container with cream from fire, to cool, add butter and pounded nuts (to fans: use not a walnut, but almonds). In the end cream needs to be shaken up carefully (it is desirable the mixer).

Build fondant: mix sugar with water and put on fire. Before will begin to boil, stirring slowly, add lemon juice. Ship a saucepan with fondant to the middle in capacity from cold - cold water and continuously disturb until fondant does not begin to shine.

Evenly smear a cake layer with cream, roll it in dense roll so that there were no emptiness, differently a cake layer, having become impregnated, will settle and roll from the beautiful cylinder will turn in it is unknown that, the truth not less tasty.

the Final stage has to become douche lemon fondant.

My house love when I from above ready wrapped up roll fill thin almond plates (which I, certainly, fry previously). I strew with plates across roll, forming portions . Small secret: it is necessary to cut the roll strewed thus on cores of strips without almonds, then everyone gets a piece in which center there passes the krupnayaorekhovy strip, and is offensive for nobody!

Such yum-yum will be remembered tried it for a long time!]