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How to bake gingerbreads?

of the Gingerbread... What good word from the childhood. whether

A all can brag of the fact that they tried gingerbreads at least in the childhood? Most likely, no. Whether and all present mothers make up for lost time and prepare for children and themselves gingerbreads? Most likely, no.

A why? If the reason in unwillingness - here does not depend on me nothing and if just there is no recipe, then here I it now also will share with you.

Read and surely prepare GINGERBREADS HONEY.

Actually, it is necessary for preparation of this dish very much and very few products both very much and a lot of desire and love.

Here the fact that will be required to you:

2 glasses of

0, 5 high-grade flour of a glass of

granulated sugar of 150 g of honey, are better if you use medical buckwheats


0,5 egg of a teaspoon of

soda of 50 g of walnuts

a ground carnation

cinnamon powder.

And I already told about patience, desire and love, they are not much therefore put - be not sorry!

Pound egg with sugar to homogeneity, add honey, cinnamon on a knife tip, slightly - slightly ground carnation and soda. Very carefully mix everything.

Pour flour into mix and knead dough hands of 5 - 10 minutes.

Now some retreat . If you want that your gingerbreads turned out dark color, characteristic of the real gingerbreads, add a zhzhenka to dough. It represents sweet weight, and prepares as follows. Two pieces of sugar are burned through on the smallest frying pan (teflon is not suitable for this purpose), diluted with 0,5 glasses of boiled water, it is carried to boiling right there, in a frying pan, and is added to the test together with honey.

Lay out ready dough on the baking sheet which is previously oiled and level. To sprinkle a baking sheet with flour I do not advise as the layer of dough which will contact to flour will incorporate it and will be rigid as a sole, and tasteless after cooling. From above the test lay out pounded (but not really small) nuts, you can add raisin to nuts. Bake

in moderately hot oven of 15 - 20 minutes.

When the gingerbread will be ready, take it from the furnace, cool, cut on rhombuses or squares and lay on a beautiful dish.

the Gingerbread can be cut in the middle on two dry biscuits, to smear with jam (better dense and sourish, for example, plum), and to pour over the top layer glaze.

Glaze for gingerbreads is better from jam, jam or confiture too. Jam (same by what the gingerbread was smeared in the middle) should be kindled with a small amount of boiled water (in a proportion 2:1). Bring to boiling and at once switch off. Pour over a gingerbread from above the cooled-down glaze several times for giving of a resistant brilliant sticky crust. After each subsequent watering it is necessary to allow to a gingerbread to dry out. From above you can strew with raisin and nuts if they were a part of the test.

It is also possible just to strew a gingerbread with icing sugar and to pritrusit slightly cinnamon powder (cinnamon should be poured from above only when a gingerbread in an oven, but fire is switched already off. This rule with a posypaniye cinnamon belongs almost to all baked sweet dishes).

Pay attention! I do not recommend to do many small gingerbreads on one baking sheet as to eat a seredka of a gingerbread far more pleasantly, than a bokovinka, and small gingerbreads are continuous bokovinka!

Besides it is practically possible to cut out from a big gingerbread anything. When I was a child, my mother baked to me a gingerbread, and I do not know what scissors or a knife cut out from it a hedgehog, then poured usual white glaze, pritrusit area of prickles icing sugar, made eyes and a nose of raisin, and smeared a mouth with red jam. I this gingerbread will remember all life!

Pleasant kovrizhechny tea drinking to you and your children!]