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How to seduce the fellow traveler?

It with an independent air sit at a window. It, having gracefully inclined the head, stops in a doorway and interrogatively looks at it. Near this person she should spend the next days, apparently. On her lips hardly noticeable coquettish smile plays. Having bethought, the absent-minded passenger - not young, but quite respectable man - sharply gets up and gesture suggests the lady to enter a compartment. Perhaps, you need the help? - our hero asks the pretty fellow traveler. If you throw my sac to the very top, I will be very grateful to you for it - with some pause the languid female voice answers.

So quite ordinary everyday history - an intrigue which was tied between the people who incidentally appeared together in one railway car begins. Most likely, despite an exchange of addresses and hot assurances, these people will nevermore meet. But what storm of emotions is awakened by such short-term game in those who participate in it only because came to some chief to mind to send them to the next regional center! It is sure that each participant of similar railway flirtation wants to know that, his partner in communication is how sincere. Therefore I, wishing to help such passengers, want to discuss those dumb signals which at a meeting are given each other by the man and the woman. " Language; such hidden messages gestures and a mimicry are.

We will consider behavior of men in the beginning. Wishing to be pleasant to the woman, the man begins to smarten up in every possible way for what he resorts to quite characteristic gesticulation. So, he too often touches own throat and corrects a collar. If such passenger is dressed in a business suit, then cuff links or a tie become a subject of its close attention. About same widely placed legs testify. One more sign such - the known pose at which hands are on a belt. In such a way the active party as if increases the traditionally male qualities - force and aggression.

Female signs of courting differ considerably in a big variety. It also is clear: the daughter our great-grandmother Eve are forced to use actively dumb ways of seduction of future fathers and defenders of the children. In turn the man, having given in such imperceptible to hypnosis prefers to think (to it so more convenient) that its decision is defining in this situation.

How women behave under such circumstances? For example, they rather often correct a hairdress, play ringlets, or make movement hands at which the wrist is bared. A sign of sincere sympathy for the interlocutor is also the pose during which the woman sits, having turned in one leg under itself. Sometimes such coquette shakes a leg, poigryvy at the same time a shoe. I will notice that such position of a body emphasizes rotundity of female hips. Some owners of such delights besides prefer to iron them. Thereby the woman as if speaks to the " satellite; Touch me!

However the most important, in my opinion, is the knowledge of the gestures which are allegorically showing the disapproving relation to advances. Both men, and women resort to such poses. Gained the greatest distribution in our cultural environment so-called closed pose. The person in whom conversation causes strong irritation is unconsciously closed from speaking by means of the bound hands and the crossed legs. And if you saw such corporal configuration try to interrupt communication under a specious excuse. It is better to return to the discussed subject later - while your partner a little relaxes.

One more sign of hardly constrained hostility to the interlocutor - the translation of a view of a foreign subject which is in a corridor or floats behind a car window. The phrase " becomes that silent background of such conversation as if; I do not want to see you! Demonstration external or protective sides of palms it makes a bit different sense which is reduced to the remark I do not trust you! And only when palms of your fellow traveler or the fellow traveler will turn to you inside, can calm down: at last - you inspire trust!

So, expression of interest of an opposite sex suits some kind of psychological game. Such innocent entertainment not only allows the man and the woman to while away the long tiresome road, but gives them the chance to feel at height. It is extremely important that during such communication partners expressed the real feelings. Because any lie including psychological, is capable to destroy any, even most, apparently, impregnable mental well-being.