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Who such to Ktulkh?

Most of users of a RuNet for certain saw at forums or in chats expression To Ktulkh zokhavat yours mosk! or To Ktulkh wakened! . And they, naturally, had a question: How it is possible to make mistakes in such simple words and who such this to Ktulkh? . I will also try to answer these questions.

In - the first, It should be noted that To Ktulkh - it is the same Internet - a meme, as, for example, so popular Medved. It got to the general use thanks to the website bash. org. ru - to the most visited comic site of a RuNet. To Ktulkh quickly got love among Internet users. About it composed verses, drew caricatures, also several familiar expressions, for example - " appeared; To Ktulkh wakened! .

Actually, to Ktulkh existed for a long time. This character was thought up by the famous American writer Howard Phillips Lavkraft. On representation of the writer, Ktulkh is the ancient monster sleeping at an ocean floor and capable to operate human reason (from here and zokhavanny mosk and awakening ) . This ancient horror is similar to a hybrid of a huge octopus with a dragon therefore it also constantly compare to one more popular the Internet - the character - a shrimp. From abilities Ktulkh should note the power over human reason, however from - for thicknesses of waters its influence weakens, and it can control only dreams.

Despite all terrifying essence of the monster, in the world there was a great number of admirers of a deity. From here one more expression - cult to Ktulkh .

to Ktulkh turned out so bright villain that right there became the classical character whom even venerable authors do not hesitate to mention. So, to Ktulkh appears at Uelazny, Sapkovsky and Panov. About ancient spiteful god shoot movies, make computer games. And you remember Pirates of the Caribbean Sea ? The captain with the head of an octopus? Here so to Ktulkh also has to look, only many times it is more and more angrily.

As you can see, to Ktulkh the Internet - god was known already, however his secondary construction in a cult, already in quality, made it so popular that even Medvedu was necessary to stand aside. For example, increase of circulation of books of Lavkraft was strongly noticeable (and respectively prices for them). In 2006 on the Internet - the question was asked Vladimir Putin`s conference: And what do you think of Ktulkh? what Putin answered:

Ya in general I am suspicious of any otherworldly forces. If someone wants to address true values, then let will better read the Bible, the Talmud or the Koran. There will be more advantage.

can Belong to the popularity phenomenon to Ktulkh differently. Someone, perhaps, will tell: My God, well and nonsense. How this awful monster can be pleasant? It is simply disgusting!! .

But seems to me that it is necessary to treat easier it, and instead of set the teeth on edge Preved!! to write to somebody To Ktulkh Fkhtangkh! .

to examine with Ktulkh In more detail or even you can become his admirer here - ru