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About happiness, business and money... School final - and what`s next?.

Happiness human - piece difficult, unclear (and to whom clear - for that it is worth being glad very and very). When I try to answer myself a question: What is happiness human? - that I remember dialogue of heroes of one story:

Dauge told, looking before himself:

- Life gives to the person three pleasures, the namesake. Friend, love and work. Each of these pleasures separately already costs to

much. But as seldom they


- of course, it is possible to do Without love, - Grisha thoughtfully told. Dauge`s

glanced at it.

- Yes, is possible, - he agreed. - But it means what one pleasure

will be less, and their of everything three.

Ya I want to talk about work, is more true - about business.

It is accepted to think that it is necessary to have the business (not in sense business, namely interesting business) in our world only to the man. It seems it more freely, and a family he should feed, and in general, a civilization at us patriarchal But in the modern world it is not absolutely right. Women now too have many opportunities will take place - to be successful in business, creativity, policy.

Now an economic situation in our country became better, than ten years ago (who does not agree with me, I do not argue with those - let everyone will have the opinion). But still many people (especially at young people) have one intimate dream - to obtain a lot of money, directly that from the moon fell. Stop, feet, feet! It is not necessary to be indignant! I do not say that all this what people only also think of. It is necessary to dream of money somewhere even. According to psychologists, it can lead to the fact that money will come to hands. There is also it (but I will tell at once - very seldom, it is necessary a certain mentality and character to have).

Can even be played the game Who wants to become a millionaire? . But not as on the TV. Just imagine that you have in a pocket one million (and it is better - one billion). Presented? And what you with it will do? Big money demands serious approach. All will also begin with it - lawyers, banks, management companies and so forth. And here some more important trifles . To you as the rich person, will need bodyguard - and it consider, minutes without supervision and in total for your safety . For your big house the servants will be necessary. And it to be pleasant to you when in your things someone the stranger digs?. And still we will remember children. The Kidnepping, unfortunately, around the world exists And, of course, you should visit any receptions of high society and parties. And to behave there it is extremely accurate and careful, and if that, - the rumor bad will go. And it can already affect affairs

A a question now: And it is necessary to you? Do not answer immediately - think. Any material benefits are first of all responsibility. By the way, on it and our state system is constructed. You can check.

Here and turns out that in a pocket with all benefits nobody will refuse one million. And here minuses rich life will take out not everyone

A all from - for what? And from - for the fact that all of us are different. To someone it is cozy in the one-room apartment, to someone in the palace on Maldives, and someone would be happy to live under the open sky that walls did not press. so in all spheres of human life - what concern

I. Someone the one-woman man, and for happiness by all means a harem is necessary to someone. The power is necessary to someone, and someone at heart the good performer and bigger does not want. At someone the purpose - scientific search and great opening, and someone cuts figures from a tree and very much is glad to it.

God grant what each of us could understand up to the end himself and itself honestly to answer - that is closer to its nature that it is really peculiar to it and, eventually, that it is necessary for happiness.

But is not enough be known that in this life is necessary for you. That to realize this knowledge, it is necessary to be self-assured.

of People, self-assured, to any to a disorder in the life the person in himself uncertain belongs much more quietly, than. And why? Correctly - because knows that to bring order quite in its forces.

Ya I think, in the modern world the only firm occasion to be self-assured is an understanding that you have the business and you in it the professional. It is possible to take away the apartment, the car from you, it will be necessary to strip naked - but your business with you. Also will pull out you from any scrapes

the, rather interesting business is what can form your base, a basis, call as you want. It is the fact what will support you always that do not happen.

Is good if business coincides with a profession - and that how many time was necessary to hear the answer to the question And why you went to study here? :

- And school (institute, college, academy) is close to the house, for study it is convenient to go.


- At me the friend arrived here, well and I with it for the company went.


- And ancestors could suit me here, it was not necessary to hand over examinations.

Same crazy it is possible to go - then, all life for five days a week to be engaged in what here was so chosen. - after institutes nobody by profession works for us. And for what those were spent 3 - 5 - 7 years of life when there was a study? They, of course, did not go absolutely to waste. But when the person all - finds the business, it is necessary to study it already on the play " course; what neither on a salary, nor well does not affect career.

But stories given above happen more from laziness and infantilism.

A happens and in a different way. It happens so that the person who was seemingly consciously choosing the profession only to years to forty understands that the real business it for it did not become. And then agronomists in whom talented philologists, teachers who should study as fashion designers, builders who should have become historians died turn out. Truly - it is sad! If you know

in what you your calling - appreciate it. Calling - one of components of your happiness. In general, psychologists say what on average, the person to thirty already understands to years, than he would like to be engaged. It in youth with it is more difficult - it is necessary to try that to find the business. And present that: all life then to work at uninteresting work.

will object me Now that work is good not the fact that it is interesting, and what feeds.

I Will agree. But there is one big HO . If your work is not interesting to you, then big money (and, above all - stable), it will bring any great success to you. It is noticed for a long time. Can reach what the person subconsciously will arrange so that he will be just fired. And it is good if everything does without the human victims. And that different stories happen.

Even if your business owing to any reasons cannot become your profession now - better not to throw it. That be all the same yes will leave. I know one person, he - a ska lives in N. And so, it worked in furniture shop, and at home began to do shaman tambourines - its shaman traditions and culture interested long ago. At first tambourines at it did not turn out. It had to lift all technology from scratch - how to carry as to bend hoops and from what It was very interesting to it. This bubnotvorchestvo about a year one and a half proceeded. The wife already hardly suffered. And then there were buyers. And money that it gained for tambourines, was enough for the new car, good repair in the apartment and to go all family on rest.

I still - you do not say to me that where you would like to study, training paid, and you have no money. In any state university is free places at a set. Of course, on them the competition is more. But for the sake of business it is worth and trying.

Or to agree with whom be that it will pay for your training. With what director be reliable firm, for example. At the same time and work for some time of you will provide. Be resolute - the director should be convinced. Nobody will throw out money for wind - prove that you will be in the future useful and you will not throw everything on half-roads If you do not have

all these opportunities - go to serve to army under the contract. Girls are taken too, by the way. The minimum contract - for three years. In comparison with all life is, you see, not much. If you, serving, show willingness to study, then you such opportunity will be given. And it is free. Military have quotas in all state educational institutions of the country. So you can go though to MSU, having paid kopeks.

Different ways and opportunities is always. It is only necessary to look. And, if very much you want, then as we know, you will always find! .

The matter in life is much. Without the business the person as the person, most likely, will not take place. And you remember: friend, love and work ?

of Good luck to you! Also be happy.]