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Which of great actors comprehended wisdom of communication with the audience, working as the ballroom pianist?

on January 27, 1983, exactly a quarter of the century back, in Nantes one of the most great actors of the XX century who could be put safely on one step with Charlie Chaplin died. Died while all world community already began to think of how to mark out him 70 - the anniversary. It did not happen He was born

in a family of the Spanish aristocrats from Seville on July 31, 1914, and received at the birth a usual Spanish name Luis. His father, Carlos de Founes de Galarsa was a professional lawyer, mother, most likely, did not work anywhere, having devoted herself to inaction of high society. However, it never had the unique passion - she and trusted nobody keys from the numerous dressers, lockers and secret boxes, and this heap of iron keys weighed very much that any pocket could not stand her.

Poor Luis was absolutely deprived of an opportunity to catch a jar with jam which he adored and to knead contents. The eye of Omniscience of mother overtook the son everywhere. And it fine made the life of it miserable

Probably for this reason right after leaving school Luis escaped from the magnificent penal servitude and was arranged to work as the ordinary accountant in office that, you see, for the offspring of an old family was a nonsense. But fight with a tsifirye bothered it soon, and he decided to try as the furrier, sewed fur products. But also here not for long music played - Luis soon began to be active a shoe brush, having become the cleaner of footwear. And then - the graphic designer, did not learn to play the piano tolerably yet. Having learned to play music, it it was beaten to one of movie theaters where he was invited to work as the ballroom pianist.

This occupation was pleasant to Luis, but was to the taste to it even more to watch reaction of the audience. Before the most civil war in Spain movies with Charlie Chaplin`s participation so Luis, having not bad studied many movies with participation of the great comedian, defined for himself at what episodes the audience laughs were fashionable. In mind he thousands of times repeated these gestures, this mimicry and at it the belief got stronger that it is time to try on a scene.

But the comedian from it it vytantsevatsya not at once. Directors are everything as on selection, offered it a role of romantic admirers. And he wanted to make laugh people, that is why he left theater and returned to cinema halls where again sat down at a piano. As contemporaries remembered, Louie wrote quite good music. Yes, by then he moved to France because in Spain war burst, and changed the name a surname on Parisian manners - Louis de Funes

in the years of war he got acquainted with Zhanna Bartolame, the grandniece of Guy de Maupassant. Young people fell in love with each other, and future great comedian had the grateful spectator whom he made laugh to gripes in a stomach. They got married on September 22, 1943, and one and a half years later the actor`s debut of Louis de Funessa at cinema took place. But a role in Barbizonsky temptation did not bring it desired glory. To it it was necessary to go neither more nor less, the whole 13 years. Only in 1958 there was a movie Innocent until proven guilty where the role of the poacher Blero, at last, made him the favourite of public. But very few people know that this movie was already 66 - m (!) in Louie`s career.

And in 1963 the director Andre Yunebel conceived to remove 10 - the serial movie devoted to the ingenious criminal - to Fantomas. He reflected as a parody remake of old adventure film series of 1913 - 1914. Louis de Funessou got a role of the commissioner of police Zhyuva. It was the star role of the actor. The first series - Fantomas - there was in 1964, the second - Fantomas raged - in 1965 - m, the third - Fantomas against Skotland - Yard - more than a year later. But it on the commissioner Zhyuva it was given big fat up as a bad job - for some reason the French public not really - that favored this series . It we, the Soviet people, laughed at what abyss can reach the rotting capitalism and they, obviously, decided not to awake dashingly because with the advent of Fantomas the number of daring crimes became much more

However Louie and did not think to be upset to this fact. It is removed much and willingly. In 1964, after Fantomas left Gawk a bit later - The Gendarme from San - Tropeza where Funes for the first time played Ludovic Crucho`s role. Then a series about gendarmes will proceed. By the way, comedy The Gendarme in a " skirt; with the same Ludovic Crucho became the last in creative career of Louis de Funessa. It came out in 1982, several months prior to death of the great actor.

But we will return in a year 1965 - y. In it Louie took a small break, and except the movie Fantomas raged any movie with its participation was not released. But 1966 brought several bright roles, and to the movie Restaurant of mister Septima the actor acted also as the screenwriter I cannot but tell

also about pathological greed of Louis de Funessa. The it became more senior, the lines of own mother were more and more accurately shown in it. He got fashion on carrying keys from lockers, dressers and boxes too, on five times carefully checked each account, often slighted two sons, forcing them to hand over very expensive, in his opinion, purchases in shops. It was his grief, its trouble.

And Louis de Funessa`s pleasure there was own garden. Unlike the literary hero - Niro Woolf who grew up orchids the great comedian gave the most part of the free time to the favourite roses. Very few people know, but one of grades of roses which is grown up by de Funes was called by his name. Here only occupation by gardening was preceded at once by two heart attacks which happened in 1975.

On January 26, 1983 Louie long sat on a bench in a garden among the roses, and then addressed the gardener: I do not know why at me legs so became heavy. The closer I approach the house, the farther it from me . And in the evening at it strongly took heart, but Louie did not complain, only noticed that he, probably, somewhere caught flu. In the morning it left to the wife with words: I miss one in the room .

She did not even manage to answer it - it began to settle on the earth. The arrived doctors verified death. From the third heart attack ]