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What is Agroteks or What to cover beds with?

Spring not far off. This year it, seemingly, will be also early. Affairs garden are very actual for many Russians. Almost everyone has the several hundred parts on which soon it is necessary to work much.

I want to tell you about material which can favourably replace a usual greenhouse film or ukryvny material for beds. This ukryvny agricultural cloth of Agroteks.

Externally Agroteks looks as a cloth of fibrous, leaky structure of white or black color.

Agroteks it is possible to use as ukryvny material not only in hotbeds and greenhouses, but also on beds. For example, for an early vygonka of greens, a garden radish, onions, cultivation of seedling etc. It looks so: you, having seeded, for example, a garden radish, you cover a bed with a cloth of Agroteks, freely, not in a tightness, you strengthen edges of a cloth the earth or stones. Watering is carried out through material from above. In process of growth of plants the pressed edges need to be released gradually.

A cloth very easy, elastic, plants under it do not bend down. Agroteks creates a microclimate with optimum maintained temperature, guaranteeing uniform distribution of moisture and continuous air circulation that provides rapid growth, maturing and a big crop earlier. Actually, the cloth can be not removed before harvesting at all. The only exception is perekrestnoopylyaemy cultures - they need to be opened in the afternoon.

It is necessary to tell still that Agroteks protects crops from a hail, birds, insects - wreckers (need for application of chemical means of protection of plants disappears at once). And it is necessary to weed beds less.

But we will return to our radish: the cloth of Agroteks well protects also from frosts. Depending on cloth thickness it differs on brands. At each brand temperature ceiling protection: Brand 17 (to -1 -2 C), brand 30 (to -3 -4 C), brand 42 (to -5 -6 C), brand 60 (to -7 C). As additional protection of plants in the greenhouse during expectation of strong frosts it is recommended to apply Agroteks of brand 17.

By the way, about greenhouses. If your greenhouse or a hotbed are covered by Agroteks, then at you tomatoes, cucumbers etc. what heat would not stand on the street will never burn down. The same microclimate created by a cloth will not allow them it.

Now several words about Agroteksa of black color of brand 60. This cloth is used a little in a different way: it is stacked on the earth and fix edges. In places of crops or the landed cultures do crosswise cuts for plants. Black Agroteks is excellent material for a soil mulchirovaniye, effectively warms up it and keeps moisture, prevents aeration of the soil and growth of weeds, protects fruits from pollution and decay.

Thanks to svetostabiliziruyushchy additives the cloth of Agroteks under the influence of sunshine does not collapse. And still it does not decay in the earth, and at the correct leaving can serve several seasons. Till fall it will be necessary to stretch slightly it in soap solution, to rinse, dry up and put on storage there where there are no mice. Mice very much like suit in it the nests.

But here about what it is necessary to warn those who will use Agroteks for the first time. This cloth really quite strong, but owing to the fibrous structure it is afraid of a tension on corners (holes can be formed), and also is extended at a long linear tension (for example, for one season on a greenhouse framework). Therefore upon purchase it should be taken a little with a stock and to cover greenhouses, hotbeds and beds not in a tightness.

And then the cloth of Agroteks will serve you long enough, and the kitchen garden will please with big crops.]