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How the American remote place, or my experience as the mail carrier in America looks of

Having married to America, having attached the son in school and having accustomed dogs to the new schedule of life and food, I reflected - what now? Somehow it is necessary to be engaged in something...

My experience in Russia (Soviet Union) was extensive - I worked with the mail carrier, the engineer, the porter and the children`s masseur. As well as most of visitors from Russia, at me had problems with language - Met on a language course the concept English and American " language;? Here also feel a difference. (see Elena Privalko`s article How to be prepared for cultural shock in America? ) . So active communication was excluded so far. And the son in school - from school, the house, the farm, economy... It is clear, that is necessary part time.

Well that - we will open the " newspaper; M - the sky courier also we will look at announcements of employment. Heavy physical work in the form of digging of ditches and a flooring of roofing material on roofs not really attracts. Aha, this - messengers (razvozchik) of newspapers - the same " are required; M - the sky courier . Payment - price-work. Use of the vehicle. It is good. No sooner said than done. Took me, showed a route where to go to whom newspapers to throw and from whom to raise money. It is necessary to tell you that business happened in Texas, in the summer, and I got a route absolutely rural - the town with the population in 600 people and its vicinities - only 40 subscribers.

The first day passed well - the trip took only 5 hours. For the second day business went more vividly, and by the end of the first week I quite managed to scatter the newspapers in 2 hours ( production technology was following - to slow down at the house, to throw the newspaper from a car window that it fell at a porch - at best, or on an access path - in the worst).

So, I leave for work. Roads in my town unpaved, strongly country, and very rather narrow. And I learned to drive the car recently, on arrival to America, in Russia did not drive though tried to take driving test. In the course of a fling of newspapers I need to be developed. The first several times managed, but I worried awfully. And it is known what you are afraid of - that and it happens. Here it also happened - being developed, I got with the back (machine) into a ditch.

11 o`clock in the morning, July, hot - 40 degrees. Attempts to get out of a ditch led to absolutely return result - deeper immersion in it. It is necessary to call and cause a rescue team in the form of the husband... Mobile phones then were not yet so I was knocked to the next house. The door for me was opened by the young woman behind the back of whom two children - the girl of years of four and the boy of years of two in plaster from a belt dangled below. Having explained her a situation, I asked whether it is possible to call from it. Phone in the house was not, the conditioner too. She suggested to bring me to the city hall which was two steps away from her house. On the way I asked that I happened to her son. The answer was is as follows: When to it there was half a year, crept out on the road and was run over by a " car;. On that unpaved road where I got to a ditch and which width made meter two... Ran over the boy as the resident of Kursk...

Reached the city hall. My rescuer left, having told that she should visit the fight - the friend in prison. The secretary, having understood a problem, called the mayor of the town which promised to arrive at once after coffee drinks and the breakfast will finish (and time - you remember - 12 hours), and to solve everything. And newspapers demand my deliveries. In half an hour there arrived, at last, the mayor, elderly such the uncle of years 75, in working overalls and with a bandana on a neck. Long sympathized with me, then promised that now will cause the plemyash who has a big truck with a hook what hook it also will pull out my car, and, above all - it is free.

In those two hours that we waited for a plemyash - and newspapers stand idle - I learned a lot of interesting about the mayor and his life, his wife - 50 years together, to his family, including a plemyash who will arrive, and other plemyash who would already be time for marrying and whether I have good Russian woman in mind, and also about for what the town and vicinities is well-known - there are initial and average schools, the police officer and a voluntary fire team!

Here plemyash with car! It hooked on me and from a ditch pulled out. And it is very simple, literally in 3 minutes. And was going to leave. Well is not present. I still should be developed! Again in a ditch it will appear! Very much they laughed, the mayor with plemyashy, looking at my tricks... But waited until I am developed, waved with the handle and left. And I potryukhat the newspapers to throw... And it is valid, it was not necessary to pay for anything...

Since then every time when I saw the mayor on streets of the town, we exchanged smiles and waved each other. But in three months my route covered from - for insufficient the number of subscribers and I had to look for other work. But it will be also other history...]