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Your income sharply increased? What costs also what you should not do right now.

our time - time of great opportunities. Including monetary!

Right now at the increasing number of citizens of our country the income sharply increases. However, I judge it only subjectively, on my immediate environment.

Yes, money at people became more. And money if you are not able to handle them, as we know, spoil people. And rather wealthy people complain of shortage of money, in my opinion, also often, as well as the poor. Even I will not give examples, each of us knows about such people from the life experience.

So: you have a new work, a new position, new Generally, money which you can spend became suddenly much more. It is much more!

A here, as far as?

This question usually also nonpluses the happy person who has in the head only a difference between old (that was until recently) and new (that is now) the income. Expenses which it does now blinded by new opportunities, are practically not considered. And through any time of money is not enough again. Or is enough only for the most necessary. However, now it necessary is much more expensive. New habits turned into requirements and exhausted addition of the income. Or more. Happens and so.

Exceptions, of course, are, but they only confirm the rule.

So let`s become such exception!

So what to do if your income suddenly considerably grew?

Should follow several simple rules.

1. Account, planning and control. They are necessary always, but in a situation of sharply grown income - especially.

Here that needs to be made first of all:

and) to define a period, convenient for the account;

) to count all sum of money which came during this time;

in) to divide all this sum into two parts: the first part - the sum which came to you before increase of the income (basis) and that that increased we will call it an additive.

2. All necessary expenditure for products, utilities, payments for the credit, payment of rest and entertainments we stack in basis. It is impossible? But earlier you lived on this money and nothing At least at first it is necessary to get used to new money, without spending them in vain.

3. We will divide an additive now. I suggest to divide it so:

a) 50% (half) - we send to the investment account under good percent. However, this step will demand courage and discipline remarkable, but in several years you will thank yourself for this, bringing real cash flow, a habit.

) 10% - we lay off for unforeseen circumstances;

in) 20% - we spend on status expenses. By the way, they can be reduced very sharply if not to hurry to correspond to a new position or new environment. For example, at expensive restaurant to order salatik and mineral water: and that, at everyone the tastes

of) - spend 10% for charity and to the aid of acquaintances and relatives;

d) 10% - expenditure personally for favourite (darling). Buy what was not able to afford earlier, but only within the allocated sum. If this sum is not enough, think how to get out.

For example, you wanted to make expensive repair - make changes in trifles. But it have to be trifles who will completely change an interior, will make it fresher, more attractive. Or you want a new car - think and whether it is impossible to decorate old so that managed cheap, and looked unusually and t.

the Basic rule - live on old sum and to to new money get used gradually, with caution.

And now what cannot be done at all even if your income rose well very abruptly.

1. To show what you abrupt, a set status purchases . Status indicators usually have very high price not proportional to functionality.

2. Sharply to change the relations with people around. Friend in court is better than a penny in purse - will always help out . How many years of this popular wisdom! However, it is better than friends not to have and to be on friendly terms with them in an amicable way, on - kind. You never know it happens in life. It, so, to the word Escaped

3. To take the new credits, without having paid off with old. New opportunities blind ! It seems to you that now - that you are able to afford In this euphoria you can just not calculate the financial opportunities.

4. To try " at once; to correspond to a new environment. Usually it is connected with such expenses about which you do not even suspect. See also point 1.

5. To spend all gained income, without postponing part of means on unforeseen circumstances . All good can come to an end. You remember it always. And bad it is easier transferred when in a family there is money. In enough...

That`s all that I wanted to tell in this short article.

I wait for comments. Perhaps you will have other councils?]