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You want to become the shaman? Short course of a shamanovedeniye.

the Shaman slowly approached the patient, rocking and rhythmically tapping in a tambourine.

He started walking circles and to pull abstrusely birds, guttural, similar to shouts, sounds. Sounds bewitched and forced to forget everything that was such habitual in ordinary life. The rhythm, the movement, a voice, smells aggravated perception and opened the feelings unknown hitherto which are easily responding to all that occurred in a log hut.

There was no wish to think in general, the easy trance brought calm. The fast movement the shaman brought some herbs and stones to the patient. His eyes attentively peered nearly into soul, sensitively catching the slightest reaction.

So or similarly action of the shaman could begin. Patients had a strong confidence in recovery and openness. Where shamans would not be, everywhere found and made for themselves and for the patients drugs of natural herbs, korenyev or of animals. How?

All shamans had deep belief in the highest force (energy) which opened during their meditation (falling into a trance). Through impact on mentality they forced the patient to cope with the illnesses independently.

Visit of the shaman began with the fact that it under a ring of the tambourine (or a drum, depending on whether there was it the Indian of America or the representative of a nationality of Far North of Russia) forced patients to concentrate on the diagnosis and to intuitively look for forms of therapeutic impact on the sick organism.

If the patient positively reacted to approach of the shaman with a medicinal medicine, then it was a signal to it that it is necessary for the patient now.

Surprising or mystical there is nothing here. Modern psychotherapists use the same ways, only in the therapeutic interests.

With success also animals when get sick use this method. The kitty, house and coddled, at an indisposition runs, having forgotten about everything, behind some grass on the next luzhok or the yard with vegetation, looks for it and strenuously begins to eat though in usual, healthy time to eat this grass a cat for you will not force anything.

The root of recovery is covered in this force of intuitive search of a natural medicinal component which the person lost when he found a civilized luster.

Business remained for small. To buy a tambourine, to dig herbs or still something on what an eye will lay down - and forward, to disclosure of the way of recovery.]