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Female advantage: what message - such is the answer? Dialogue with Igor Irtenyev of

of Each of us there is a wish for happiness. There is a wish that life gave the small and big pleasures which list can differ in very wide limits. But regardless of a profession, a social status, material success and life priorities in this list there is one general point - It, the Man of our dream. Female happiness - darling " would be near;

About bases and subtleties of relationship between the man and the woman, a gain of hearts, jealousy, love, insidiousness and other components of relations between the sexes how many speak - and the subject always remains actual. Also there are no uniform recipes on the subject of how to be happy.

However there is a basis of this happiness - mutual respect in couple and preservation of advantage. It is necessary to protect each other. To protect and respect. And another. Without it, I am firmly sure, it is impossible to build the long-term and responsible relations - and this confidence was confirmed by stories of my acquaintances, friends, colleagues, the clients coming to psychological consultation more than once. Or just casual acquaintances whom we met at intersections of vital roads.

Somehow once my friend, the big fan of creativity of Igor Irtenyev, as a joke sent me his such lines (I believe that to many admirers of the ironic poet they are well-known):

of the Woman are carried by stockings and tights,

I are indifferent to culture problems.

of 20% from them - idiots.

of 30% - the filled silly women.

of 40% from them - psychopaths.

It in the sum gives us 90. we have

of 10% in the rest.

And from these is that it is not simple to choose.

the Friend did not want to offend me or to touch, but to pass with impunity similar arrival on our sister I just could not... The answer turned out such:

our men are stable


Trousers and beards (shave with a time).

Always nearby - cigarettes and beer,

Also - readiness (verbal) for fight.

of the Speech from a high tribune glagolt,

That who does not ask, giving advice....

Everyone, which of them - the alcoholic?

, How many percent from them - impotent men?

, How many from them - only to a sofa a pillow? Together put

- hundred percent, it is not less!

... And we miss with you, the girlfriend,

We that the tenth share from women.

Here so tragedy of our century: to Elect as

- whom?

I to be chosen - there is nobody!
Actually I so did not consider

- and the more so, I do not consider now. It was only tennisno - a poetic pass, synchronous, almost automatic answer to a message. I sent him to the friend with the note that I am surrounded, thank God, by the worthy men not so similar to heroes of these lines. However in reply received - Cruelly

Since then there passed several years. At first I several times in various companies read these lines - at first Irtenyevskiye, afterwards - my answer. Reaction was always same: pleasure, admiration, an applause of women - and offense of men. And the message - that was from their party, and nine of ten present ladies automatically got the unflattering characteristic from Irtenyev. However, it was very quickly forgotten even in the course of reading the answer, and only the possible male imperfections listed by me were remembered. After the next offense in the next company I ceased to play about this entertainment.

To amuse itself and to ego-trip humiliation of another - it is easy, but is uninteresting. Much more interestingly (and still - is more pleasant, warmer, more inspired) - to find strengths of another. To help it to notice this force - talent, ability, tendency. To notice, note, admire, inspire on realization, to be glad to achievements. From it it is easy and joyful to both, and forces increases.

Perhaps, a small secret of great female happiness - to be able to find strengths in it and to be able to inspire the man? But not to reproach each other with imperfections, ego-tripping at the expense of another ]