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In what secret of excess weight? The reasons and tactics of fight

Are worth looking round attentively around as it will become at once noticeable what attention is paid in society to weight. Only the laziest do not try to grow thin, probably. To make it at one it turns out quicker, at others - is more effective Larisa Dolina, Zhanna Friske, Nikolay Baskov, Victoria Beckham, Milla Jovovich - this list can be continued indefinitely. To consider others kilograms - occupation boring, it is much more interesting to understand, in my opinion, in what the sacrament of such concept as weight of the person consists.

The number of those who live by the principle is to live probably, all - is less in comparison with those who wish to indulge themselves with something tasty and not always useful. In the food behavior the person is guided not so much feeling of hunger, how many reactions by sight, color, availability of food etc. Other factors which define the relation of the person to food, are family traditions. In some families all life practically turns around food. I, for example, and in real life had to hear how people and spoke: Here went on leave, we live as boyars. We wake up by a lunch - a breakfast, we will have breakfast - it is time to have dinner, then tea with pies, pancakes, a house smetanka, jam, and here already and a dinner appeared in time . When I saw this picture with own eyes once, before me as if pictures from the Russian classics recovered. It seemed, as Gogol, and Goncharov thought out the works in this house where they are constantly distributed the smells of fried mutton killing each other, turkeys, ducks with apples etc. of

besides, as we know, to force the person is the stress, boredom, nervousness or loneliness can. Some even reward themselves for good behavior, and then are surprised quickly appeared to a two-three of hated kilograms. So, the inactive way of life, the privately owned vehicle, chaotic food lead to obesity of every third Canadian, 60 percent of Americans and every second Russian have excess weight.

If earlier the put weight was determined, subtracting number 100 from growth, then now use more exact formula a body weight index: IVT = weight (kg): growth (m): growth (m). The person well-fad will receive result from 24,6 to 24,9 and if is already obesity more. The quantity of the offered diets is estimated in many tens today. But you should not be under a delusion here: the quicker you lose weight, rather it is restored moreover and has tendency to exceed initial.

Why so occurs? Everything is simple. In an organism there is a special enzyme which controls accumulation and distribution of fat. If you limit the food, it considerably becomes more active and after usual receipt of food is restored, executed command urgently to reserve fatty cellulose. Now, I think, it becomes clear why numerous diets give a boomerang effect.

Ways successful fight with an excess weight have very individual character. Any universal method which can meet the needs of everyone, does not exist. If you resolved to lose excess weight, then your behavior has to be defined by two main purposes - correctly to grow thin and keep the reached effect. Further

1. Develop (better proceeding from recommendations of doctors) an adequate diet.

2. Eat regularly, slowly, strictly adhering to the schedule.

3. Play sports and do not forget to be weighed in the mornings, after depletion of intestines.

4. Avoid situations which can provoke you to violation of a diet.

5. the Main thing what nutritionists insist on, - cannot refuse a breakfast. Doctors advise to hold its caloric content within 400 kcal - not less, and otherwise you should eat up lacking during a lunch.

6. Besides, doctors advise to avoid having a snack during the working day and an objedaniye before going to bed as it becomes the reason of fatty deposits.

7. As for the menu, nutritionists recommend to steam vegetables and meat, having reduced consumption of salt which stimulates appetite. But useful will be to increase consumption of vegetables, fruit and berries - sources of vegetable cellulose which promotes removal from an organism of excess cholesterol.

8. Experts do not advise completely to refuse sweet. In a cold season serotonin which supports good health and lightens mood is necessary for an organism. Therefore it is occasionally possible to please itself with a segment of dark chocolate, low-calorie sweets and fruit.

9. Physicians also recommend not to forget about a good dream. It is proved that the one who goes to bed in good mood in same and wakes up.

10. And, at last, do not dare to suffer from sense of guilt or failure, practically any purpose which you to yourself set, it is achievable.

Love yourself! Be healthy and beautiful! Remember that it is necessary to begin any business only with good mood, big desire and pleasure, and then the result will not keep itself waiting long!!!]